Why Brandon Lee Should Have Been On ‘The Hills’ Since The Very Beginning

Why Brandon Lee Should Have Been On ‘The Hills’ Since The Very Beginning

The Hills: New Beginnings is filled with familiar faces — Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Whitney Port, Heidi and Spencer Pratt — the list of reality TV legends goes on and on. But there are quite a few new additions like Brandon Lee, son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, who are making a splash on the show for the very first time, and who will probably be just as big of staples on the show. Brandon Lee’s Instagram doesn’t give a ton of clues about who this newcomer is, making him all the more mysterious. But its few hints suggest that he’s just the kind of guy who would fit in with the iconic cast for more reasons than one.

In the first episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, viewers learned that Brandon is part of the group of frenemies because he’s always been friends with Brody. He thinks of Brody as an older brother — someone who’s always looking out for him. It definitely makes sense that they’d run into each other growing up, given their famous families. We also learned that he just moved into a new house, which mom Pamela Anderson helpfully saged the bad vibes out of, and that he’s ready to take on the responsibilities of a homeowner.

Brandon also revealed that he’s a model, and a hard worker, and that he doesn’t really get along with his rockstar dad too well. There’s certainly a lot there to mine for storylines, though he didn’t get tons of screen time in the premiere, and TBH, Brandon’s (albeit sparse) Instagram looks like something straight out of The Hills.

He’s Got The Poolside Look Nailed

If you aren’t in a super modern swimming pool surrounded by a blue sky and tons of tall plants, are you even hanging out in Southern California?

He’s Used To The Luxe Life

I’m not an expert, but that sure looks like a private plane.

His Red Carpet Looks Are Already Flawless

You’d think that Brandon is an old pro at these kinds of things with how dapper this outfit is. Look out, Justin Bobby, there’s a new Hills fashion icon who might put your combat boots to shame.

He Loves His Mom

Brandon shared a super sweet tribute to his mom for Mother’s Day, along with a throwback photo of the two of them. "You taught me how to love, how to stick up for what’s right, and to always follow my dreams," he wrote. "We never had a perfect family, but it was better than that, it was real…. so thank you mom, for everything." Aww.

The Model Career Is Real

Check out that smoldering look! Brandon’s serving up some serious looks, and this exposure on The Hills probably can’t hurt.

Brandon isn’t exactly a huge poster on Instagram — he has only about a dozen other posts besides these, a few of which are simply advertising the current season of The Hills: New Beginnings or showing off more modeling shots. But these prove that he’ll fit right in with the rest of the casts’ fancy homes, lavish tastes and LA lifestyles.

As the show progresses and we learn more about him, he’s sure to share more about his life both onscreen and on social media, too. No matter how much we love the old cast, there’s something to be said for bringing fresh faces onto The Hills, and Brandon might be just what we need.

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