Why Did Princess Diana Never Remarry

Why Did Princess Diana Never Remarry

Princess Diana — remembered around the world as the people’s princess — is greatly missed by British citizens and Americans alike. We’re still talking about her, more than 20 years after her death. Diana was a sweet, kind person that lived in an unhappy marriage. Why didn’t remarry and attempt to find happiness? Let’s explore that question.

Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles

Diana was only 20 years old when she married Prince Charles. Although the marriage was blessed with two children, William and Harry, it was not a happy one. Charles neglected Diana and carried on an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles for many years. Eventually, the pair could no longer live together, and they separated for four years until they finally divorced in 1996.

What did Princess Diana get in the divorce?


Divorcing a prince has its benefits. According to Reader’s Digest, the couple’s agreement provided Diana full access to the royal family jets. She was also allowed to stay in her luxurious apartment at Kensington Palace, and she kept the jewelry that she obtained during her marriage. She received $600,000 a year to maintain her new private offices and $22.5 million in cash.

Who did Princess Diana date after Prince Charles?


After her marriage fell apart, Diana was romantically linked to several men in the short time before her death. When her troubles with Charles first started, in the late 80s, Diana had an affair with her horseback riding instructor, James Hewitt.

She was also romantically linked to her bodyguard Barry Mannakee. Although this was never confirmed, Diana revealed in her tape recordings that she was deeply in love was a man in the palace environment, and it was generally accepted that she was talking about Mannakee. When he died in a motorcycle accident, she described it as the biggest blow of her life.

A junior surgeon at the Royal Brompton also caught Diana’s eye. Hasnat Khan is often considered to be the love of Diana’s life. She even met his parents, and he was introduced to William and Harry. Khan broke off their relationship because of media attention.

The man Diana was with when she died, Dodi Fayed, was the son of an Egyptian billionaire and film producer. They only dated for a couple of months, including a vacation to the French Riviera, before they met their tragic end together.

What if Princess Diana had remarried?


Royal family experts think that if Diana had remarried, she may have lost many of the benefits she enjoyed from the divorce. She probably would have lost her home at Kensington Palace, and the money she was given to run her office. In fact, at the time of her death, she was still considered part of the royal family. But if she had remarried, that might have changed, and she may have lost many of her royal duties.

However, would this have caused Diana much grief? Most of the men Diana dated were wealthy themselves, so her new marriage would have offered her new benefits. It’s unlikely that Diana would have wanted to stay in Kensington, as she probably would have wanted to live in her new husband’s home. So, while she would have lost some benefits, because of the people she was dating, she would have gained many benefits with a new marriage too.

Why did Princess Diana never remarry?


Diana was a woman who fell in love many times. Despite her failed marriage, at heart, she was a romantic. It seems likely that if Diana had more time, she would have eventually remarried. She was only divorced from Charles for a year before her death, so the reason Diana never remarried, more than likely, was that she just didn’t have time. History would have been very different if it wasn’t for that fateful Paris crash.

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