Woman hid boyfriends dog to prove a point after he lost their son

Woman hid boyfriends dog to prove a point after he lost their son

A woman hid her partner's dog to prove a point – and it's left people claiming it's "not safe" to let him look after their son.

The anonymous woman shared her story on Reddit, as she told users she's allergic to dogs, but grew fond of her lover's pet as she knew it meant so much to him.

But, after the couple went onto have a son, she grew concerned he may care about the dog more than for their own little one.

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The mum told a story about how she left their little boy in his care one day, and her partner failed to look after him properly.

When she came home, she couldn't find her son, and her partner didn't know where he was.

However, when the tables were turned, and her partner's dog managed to disappear, her partner was left annoyed and worried about the pooch.

He claimed the situation was different when he didn't know where his child was, as he knew he would have been "safe."

Writing on Reddit, the woman said: "My (23f) bf 'Hank' (26m) has a dog 'Ladybird', and we have a son together 'Bobby' (3m).

"He has had Ladybird since before we got together (about 5 years ago).

"I’m actually allergic to dogs, but I make do because I know Ladybird means a lot to him, and I’ve grown to love her as if I had her my whole life.

"We both have full time jobs and split the housework just fine, but when it comes to Bobby, I feel like Hank treats Ladybird better sometimes?

"Hank will come home and go straight to Ladybird to play and cuddle and talk to her, but he never stops off to see how Bobby is doing.

"If he’s eaten or if he had a bad day in daycare or anything.

"I assume he’s thinking 'he’s with mama so everything’s good', but I feel it’s not too much to ask for an acknowledgment when he first gets home.

"Last month on Hanks day off I had Bobby out of daycare since he was sniffly, and I didn’t want to risk it so Hank watched him.

"When I came home from work Hank was watching TV, and I couldn’t find Bobby.

"Hank was being blasé about it all saying 'he’s around somewhere playing'.

"I was about to call the police because I saw the back door open with one of those bulk snack boxes by it when a neighbour that lives 3 houses down came by to drop Bobby off.

"She told me he came through their doggy door, and was trying to get into their daughters room (they have a 5f daughter that Bobby plays with a few times a week).

"Obviously I was freaked out but thankful he went to a 'safe place'."

The post continued: "I yelled at Hank for not watching him, and he told me to calm down because it all worked out fine.

"So I waited for things to calm down then a few days ago I snuck home early on Hanks day off and grabbed Ladybird, and gave her to the same neighbour to watch.

"I made a big show of coming in noisily after, and purposely left the back door open.

"Things were cool for a bit until he tried calling for Ladybird.

"I just kept playing along until he noticed the door.

"He freaked out saying I wasn’t careful, and that Ladybird could be killed out there.

"He literally ran in just his shorts (no shirt/shoes) outside screaming her name and freaking out.

"During the time I texted my neighbour to start walking the dog down.

"He saw her as he was about to get in his car, and grabbed her and went inside.

"He yelled at me calling me irresponsible saying she could have been stolen or killed.

"I asked how he thought I felt when I couldn’t find our literal child.

"He said it didn’t compare and Bobby was just at the neighbour's, and we live in a 'safe' neighbourhood so nothing would have happened.

"I honestly didn’t have anything to say to that.

"I packed a bag for Bobby and I and we stayed at a hotel for a bit.

"I’m checking out tomorrow, but I’m still angry.

"Hank's been texting me saying I’m childish, but I think he’s not taking this serious enough.

"Friends are mixed (let it go or I’m right to be mad) AITA (Am I an a**hole?)?"

Many people have claimed she's not, as they think Hank showed that he didn't care about his child enough.

While many people don't agree with trying to test their partners a lot of people said that, in this instance, the scheme worked to show something pretty important.

One person commented: "I'm typically not a fan of testing partners like this, but the result is pretty stark.

"He clearly doesn't give a damn about your son, and your son is not safe alone with him."

Another added: "This. I don’t typically like testing partners either, but since he didn’t seem to understand at all when she talked to him about it, and it’s such a serious issue, I think it was reasonable to try to make him understand.

"Except he didn’t get it at all, just further proved that he does not care about his kid."


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