Woman lists ‘waste of space’ husband on Gumtree and ‘will consider all offers’

An apparently fed up woman listed her 'waste of space' husband on Gumtree – and was willing to 'consider all offers'.

Lisa, from Bristol, seemed to have had enough of her husband of 29 years and took to the website to try and get rid.

On Sunday Lisa took to the popular site looking for anyone who could take her 'useless' husband Tony off her hands for free.

And her listings made her feelings crystal clear.

"1 useless husband who puts friends before he's (sic) wife and family of 29 years," said Lisa, who has been posting unwanted items on the site for over a year.

"Will consider all offers but would prefer a hot tub."

Even though the listing was less than complementary, Lisa received one response yesterday.

"I'm interested in your item. Is this still available?" they wrote.

But in another post Lisa spelled out exactly what she thought.

"Waste of space human being, absolutely useless as a friend he has destroyed my marriage and family of 29 years, the waste of space is free to anyone who wants there (sic) life ruined free to anyone who will collect feel free to call anytime."

But anyone interested in Tony may well be left disappointed as Lisa removed the posting from the site on Monday morning.

It is not the only Gumtree listing posted in anger.

One man once listed his wife's wedding dress after he claimed she had had an affair.

"Due to be married soon? Not planning on staying faithful? Want to sleep with one of your soon-to-be husband’s closest friends? Then THIS is the wedding dress for you!” the advert read.

The advert described the dress as a “harlot-sized ensemble” that promised to make its wearer “the envy of your trampish posse on your fraudulent wedding day.”

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