Woman who only dates rich men shares ultimate tip to find £2m husband – your best bet

Woman who only dates rich men shares ultimate tip to find £2m husband – your best bet

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A luxurious lifestyle is everyone’s dream but not everybody gets the chance to experience it. For Irina, it’s simple: just date rich men. She explained she feels “terribly bored” by poor men and admitted she would never respect a man who has a net worth of less than £1million. But how do you find him?

Irina Stern is a successful entrepreneur who decided she didn’t want to date “boring” plain men anymore. Only “self-employed wealthy men” was what she was after.

But how can you find a rich husband?

Irina shared her tops tips: “So far I have only found them online, but I do take the advice to go to very expensive philanthropic events and expensive venues.

“I started with mentors. I am so grateful to two coaches I paid just like £100 and countless women who mentored me for free in Facebook groups I am in,” she explained.

“The hypergamous mindset has to be learned. It’s also like Sales and the Law of Attraction.

“Look him dead in the eye and say you are used to being taken on expensive shopping sprees, it will happen.

“I was bought a £1,600 designer purse on the first date,” she admitted.

However, for those who don’t want to rely on the internet, Irina explained there are other ways and many opportunities to meet wealthy men on a daily basis.

She said: “Honestly, you may have to move. I lived in New York City which is the absolute worst place in the world to live as a single woman.

“I think the statistics are 4:1. You will have to date or marry a four if you are an eight there. I moved to Denver, some call it Menver, and there are so many single, wealthy men I can’t keep up. It’s lovely.

“I heard the same about San Francisco and Dallas,” she said.

“In major cities befriend rich women, don’t threaten their husbands.

“Always be someone who people (friends) would want to set you up i.e. recommend you. I’m Jewish and we still do this.

“Match making is the best.

“Also if you model or influence you’ll be solicited for Elite databases (I’m in a Jewish NYC one and a Hollywood LA one).

“I do online but it’s the worst for retention, there’s no accountability. Being set up with someone is your best bet,” she explained.

Although hanging around the places where they usually go may sound obvious – such as doing the groceries in their neighbourhood, going to their gym, or having food and drinks at expensive restaurants and bars – Irina goes further.

“I’m sure as the rest of the women said, go to elite events for businessmen: tech events, real estate and watch out for gold digging men or wantrepreneurs they go to.

“For the aspiring rich ones you want to go to a place like the Young Presidents Organisation which has a minimum annual salary of £2million more so than the Rotary Club.

“Also, if you model with a big agency, these matchmaking databases solicit you. I was considering joining ‘It’s just lunch’ or another elite one, but the women have to pay for those,” Irina explained.

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