Woman with boobs weighing ONE STONE says she wants reduction surgery

Woman whose breasts weigh a STONE launches campaign to raise £8,000 for a reduction after putting up with crippling back pain and men ‘honking’ her chest in public

  • British TikTok user Hollie Bee shared how she struggles with weight of breasts  
  • Said she was told by doctors she had to lose weight to get a reduction on NHS
  • Hollie revealed she receives horrible comments from men about her breast size 

A woman whose breasts weigh a stone has revealed she wants breast reduction surgery because crippling back pain and unanted attention from men.  

British TikTok user Hollie Bee shared how she has struggled with the weight of her breasts since she was a teenager.

Hollie explained that doctors had told her to ‘lose weight’ in order to help reduce the size but said despite losing over four stone, she has seen no improvement. 

Meanwhile she also revealed that men making sleazy comments about her appearance has prompted her decision to have surgery.   

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Hollie created the video in response to a woman on her social media who had asked why she doesn’t just get reduction surgery 

Hollie (pictured) has shared how she struggles with the weight of her breasts in a TikTok video

Speaking in the viral clip she said: ‘I’ve wanted a breast reduction since I was about 13-years-old at which point I was about 65 per cent boob.

‘Regrettably at this stage I am at least 97.8 per cent fleshy meat bags. Yay.

‘Sadly my back is no longer coping with my lady shelving and something needs to be done. The official medical line is “lose weight they’ll go away”.’


Breast reduction surgery is done to reduce the size and weight of a woman’s breasts, and involves removing fat, tissue and skin from the chest.

Genes, hormones and body shape and size may determine how large a woman’s breasts are – usually they are in proportion to the rest of the body but some women’s may be exceptionally large.

Whether the NHS will offer the operation may depend on where someone lives and why they want the operation.

The NHS will not usually do a breast reduction for cosmetic reasons.

However, it may be considered if a women is experiencing effects like backache, neck or shoulder pain, rashes or skin infections beneath the breasts, or psychological distress.

The NHS may also consider the size of a woman’s breasts, their weight, their age, whether they smoke, and whether other solutions have been tried.

And local funding availability also plays a role – different NHS boards around the country have different criteria so women living in some areas may be more able to get the surgery than those in others.

Source: NHS Choices


She went on to describe how even though she has lost 60lbs and seven inches from her waist, she hasn’t seen an improvement.

She explained: ‘So far I’m 60lbs down, I’ve lost seven inches from my waist but the 14lbs of torso melons remain and I am in pain.

‘This prompted me to reach out to the beautiful people of the NHS and request the slicey dicey bye bye bresticle procedure.

‘I am doing my best to meet their guidelines, they want me to lose another 70lbs on top of the first 60lbs so I am working on that for now. But even then I probably won’t qualify.’

Hollie revealed she was trying to raise the £8,000 needed to pay for private surgery and in a second video shared with fans that she was able to get the money together.

She has now booked a private consultation with doctors where they will be able to advise her on her next steps.

In addition to the back pain they cause her, Hollie revealed in a second video some of the responses she gets from men due to her large breasts.

She said a man in a club once grabbed one of her boobs and made a ‘honk’ noise, while on another occasion she has been told to ‘get them out’ in public.   

Hollie’s video has now been viewed over two million times, with hundreds of women offering support and recounting a similar experience.  

Hollie told how it has been a problem for her since she was a teenager but said her back is ‘no longer coping’

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