You helped me cut down on my drinking and get my family back on track

You helped me cut down on my drinking and get my family back on track

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN I wrote to you, I was desperate. My dependence on alcohol had spiralled totally out of control during lockdown and I was drinking day and night.

My marriage was on the rocks and, worse, I wasn’t really there for my eight-year-old son.

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I’m a 40-year-old man and felt I was a pathetic loser and a terrible example as a dad.

You didn’t judge me. You made me feel I was doing my best to help myself and that you were there for me.

You sent me your Drink Problem support pack, which showed me where to find help and gave me the details of organisations that would support me.

You even followed up to see how I was getting on.

Since then, I have managed to stop drinking during the day and cut back on stronger drinks.

I have started a drinking diary and don’t drink every day.

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I’m getting better, I’m back in control, and my wife is understanding. Also, I have even been able to spend time playing with my boy.

Thank you so much.

DEIDRE SAYS: You have made a great start in controlling your drinking.

I am confident that you can do it. Reaching out really does help.

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