Your Libra Monthly Horoscope for December

Your Libra Monthly Horoscope for December

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The scales are tipping in your favor, Libra beauty. But first you must have the courage to make it happen, and the universe is giving you the energy to do just that! December is a month where a shift in mindset can result in change for the better. This starts with the potent solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4 in your 3rd house of communication, thought, marketing, and contracts. A new project or idea could come your way, initiating important meetings and negotiations over the next six months. Sagittarius energy also rules over beliefs, and you could have a total shift in mindset during this new eclipse cycle. Think back to June 2020, as this is the final phase surrounding the changes you’ve experienced since then.

On December 18, there is a dynamic Full Moon in Gemini empowering your 9th house of international travel, wisdom, higher learning, and spirituality. Visiting a far-away country could be in the stars for some of you during the holiday season. For other Twins, this could also trigger some major spiritual moments like consulting an astrologer or using the mystical energy of tarot to guide the next year forward. Expect some growth in terms of your investments too, especially in things like crypto or property. This improvement is due to the positive connection between the Full Moon in Gemini and the planet of growth, Jupiter, in Aquarius.

Once every 18 months, Venus turns retrograde, and this year Venus Retrograde will begin on December 19 in the sign of Capricorn. It’s important to note that this retrograde period affects you more than other signs, because Venus is your planetary ruler! The focus will be placed on your home, family, where you live, and your emotional world. This could be in the form of redecorating, renovations, changing the structure, or how your home is financed. All of this will be for the better, my love! It’s important to note that choosing new aesthetics (think: beauty, hair, makeup, home decor) would not be the best at this time. Instead, revise, take a look at what is the best for you, and make your final decisions at a later date when this retro-haze is clear.

As the month closes, Jupiter, one of the luckiest planets in astrology, will move into Pisces and you will start to feel relief in the area of work as the new year begins. This planetary shift will positively affect your work life, routine, and approach to wellness and health. A Jupiter transit in this area of life signals a time where your past hustle and grind will start to pay off! Enter the new year feeling confident about your abilities, my balanced babe.

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