Your October 2022 relationship horoscope is here

Your October 2022 relationship horoscope is here

Written by Patsy Bennett

Astrologist Patsy Bennett gives us a run down on what lies ahead this month when it comes to love and relationships. 


Both the sun and Venus travelling through your seventh house of love and partnerships until 23 October spell a good month for focusing on improving both your personal and business relationships, as your efforts are likely to succeed. Independence is a quality you’re known for, and yet friendship, love and romance are just as important to you as they are to anyone else, and good relationships really do complete a rosy picture for you. So you’ll be pleased to hear that October brings a wonderful opportunity to boost your relationships. 

Developments will also make way for new relationships as you let some fall away, such as those that no longer resonate with you on a deeper level. March-born Aries will see developments in their personal life, most notably around the Aries full moon on the 9th, while April-born Aries will get the chance to turn a corner with key personal and business collaborations around the solar eclipse on the 25th. Eclipses are known to close a door at the same time as they open one, so be prepared for strong emotions to arise. You may receive key news from someone close that has a long-term impact.


The beginning of the month will be an excellent time to organise fun events and to enjoy socialising. Your plans for get-togethers and social events are best implemented earlier in the month if possible, especially if you realise that logistics and developments outside your control will require a flexible approach on your behalf. Meetings and talks with family and friends will be productive in October, so be sure to take the initiative and organise important discussions as these will be productive and could improve both business and personal relationships. 

If communications are truly not at their best early in October, you’ll find they will improve mid-month, so be patient if agreements you seek are not forthcoming. The full moon on the 9th will kick-start a fresh daily routine and encourage you to look for more balance in your usual schedule. And you’ll be pleased to hear that you’ll gain the chance to do just that in October. The solar eclipse on the 25th will mark a new phase in your partnerships and romantically if you were born around 25-26 April and, for all other Taureans, fresh daily and work routines will be an excellent time to schedule in more time to spend with the people you love.


The sun and Venus will boost your creativity, fun and romance quota for most of October and will fuel your need for these qualities in your life. And, if socialising leaves you exhausted, October will be a perfect time to re-establish balance and reconnect with family and those you truly love. This is the month to focus on peace and calm, as your efforts are likely to succeed. Underneath it all, you’ll be searching for more meaning in your personal life, and especially in your domestic life. Mercury, the communications maestro of the universe, will help you to communicate so much better with those you love from mid-month onwards, so be sure to organise key events for then.

The partial solar eclipse on the 25th will supercharge opportunities to revitalise your personal life, especially with your family and in your love life. Be prepared to consider new avenues of expression within your existing relationships and also with new circles and friendships, and to choose your activities and circles carefully. If you’re single, a door could open to a fresh relationship, so take the initiative! Couples will appreciate the chance to enjoy a more revitalised and passionate connection.


This is a good month to invest in the people you love most in all areas: at home, at work and in your family and love life. The full moon on the 9th will spotlight activities and projects that truly resonate with you, enabling you to prioritise certain events and activities, especially regarding collaborations within groups, friendships and organisations. You may even be surprised by who emerges as the most important contender for your attention in October.

A trip or improved relationship will delight and you’ll appreciate the sense that key relationships will flourish. This will spur you on to be more assertive within friendships and social circles. The solar eclipse on the 25th signals a new agreement with someone at home or with family, and the more prepared you are, the more you’ll gain a sense of serenity and belonging, stability and security in your domestic life at the end of October. Beware of making far-reaching changes domestically without having thought these through, as you may be liable to make rash decisions and jump into projects without having carefully thought them through.


During October, your sign’s ruler, the sun, will be in Libra until the 23rd, turning your attention and mindset firmly towards finding companionship, improved relatability and better cooperation. You’ll appreciate seeing your personal life and collaborations revitalised, which makes October an excellent time to create both more variety and more harmony in your relationships, as your efforts will succeed. 

This is also a good month to focus on building stability and security within mutual projects and with like-minded people, as a sense of camaraderie will stimulate team effort. A light, optimistic approach to networking will be productive, so be sure to let your inner playfulness out in October! You’ll feel naturally hard-wired to form strong relationships and to collaborate, agree and compromise, so this is an excellent time to focus on improving all your relationships. If you’re in a couple, you’ll feel more likely to wish to keep the peace and, if you’re single, you’ll be drawn to express your romantic side and look for a companion who you can share your deeper thoughts and feelings with. 


Take things one step at a time in October and you could boost your relationships immeasurably. This month is the ideal time to increase your self-confidence as you’ll see a marked improvement in your relationships as a result. Consider ways to improve self-esteem as your efforts could open doors to a more optimistic mindset and increased social activity. Communications will improve from mid-October onwards, which will enable you to feel more positive about collaborations, both at home and at work. 

The solar eclipse on the 25th will bring focus to your shared duties within work collaborations, and in your personal life. You’ll find new ways to best share communal space at work and finances at home. It’s a good month to walk the fine line between being adventurous and entrepreneurial with your collaborations on the one hand, and being prepared to compromise in the areas you must share and agree upon on the other. Decisions will lead to a potentially watershed moment in this regard towards the eclipse on the 25th. Choose wisely, as the choice will depend squarely on your values, principles and self-worth. 


This is your time of year, Libra – and you can’t help but improve your relationships in October, not least by focusing on your own emotional health and wellbeing. The more vibrant, optimistic and positive you feel, the more vibrant your relationships will be. So be prepared to carve an upbeat path for yourself, even if you find that some of your vulnerabilities emerge, especially around the full moon on the 9th. You’ll notice significant progress in your love life and circumstances in general from mid-October onwards, making the start of the month ideal for paving the way for better times. 

Be sure to organise treats for mid-October, as romantic dates, family get-togethers and networking events are likely to go well for you then. You’ll smooth your progress this month by being strategic but must remain flexible for best results around the 25th, when the partial solar eclipse in Scorpio will bring out strong emotions, both in yourself and others. If you channel your own emotions into productive and fun activities, you’ll enjoy this eclipse, but you must be careful to avoid conflict – if you don’t, it will skyrocket.


A fresh chapter will begin in your personal life in October, and to ensure this will be a positive period you will need to show someone special extra care and attention, especially around the full moon on the 9th. You’ll gain the chance to be more creative and romantic in October, and the more innovative, trustworthy and reliable you can be, the better both your family and romantic relationships will be. Couples can forge fresh agreements and singles may meet someone with whom you wish to spend more time.

October will ask that you dig deep and bring into play some new communication skillsets that will take you into fresh territory in your relationships and will also encourage you to be dynamic and passionate about what you do and who you are. The end of October will be eventful and will present an opportunity to develop a fresh understanding with someone important, either at work or in your family. Be prepared to put them first while also being aware that your relationship can provide a sense of stability and security in whichever format you choose.


This will be a wonderful month for socialising and networking, so be sure to organise catch-ups – you’ll be glad you did! As you reach a fresh understanding of the various important roles you play in your personal life, you’ll need to focus a little more on good communication skills until the 15th to avoid misunderstandings, forgetfulness and mix-ups.

You’ll gain clarity about the best way forward in a personal context in the last week of October, so if you feel things are a little up in the air earlier in the month, find the time to orientate and anchor your own ideas and plans rather than become confused or even make rash decisions. If you do, things can really shift forward at the end of October, and you’ll be ready to make the most of fresh relationship dynamics. Jupiter retrograde in your home sector suggests you will be going over old ground with family or a property and will enjoy a trip to an old haunt, so be sure to make the most of this retrospective phase and reconnect with those you love.


October will be a good month to invest in the people and the projects closest to your heart. You’ll sense it’s time to introduce a new set of circumstances in your personal and family life as the time has come to make a fresh agreement or develop a new understanding with someone special. Just be sure to factor health and wellbeing into your plans. Early October may involve some delicate communications and discussions, plus the need to be super tactful with someone special at home or in your family. Luckily, the positive aspects between Mercury and Pluto will enable you to convey your ideas in the most practical framework.

The Aries full moon will spotlight the benefit of a fresh approach to your home life or to someone close around the 9th. A constructive and dynamic attitude will be most effective. If you’ve been planning a property move, this could be it. The solar eclipse on the 25th will further contribute to a fresh chapter domestically. This may well come about due to developments in your status, such as your career or a change of status in a primary relationship. Be sure to avoid snap decisions, as you do not want to regret them.


Saturn retrograde in your sign until the 23rd will encourage you to look for stability and security in your relationships and also to look for the most realistic way forward in October. All this, while never forgetting you are innovative and like to see life from a unique perspective. You’ll be drawn to reconnect with those you hold dear, such as family, from early in the month through to mid-October, and may even be drawn to an ex. Just be sure that resurrecting a relationship is what you truly want in the present, as opposed to purely feeling nostalgic about the past.

If relationships are a little rocky early in the month, you’ll gain an increasing sense of balance from mid-October onwards. Trust that you are seeing things clearly regarding your values and core principles by investing in your self-development. Be confident that your choices will be effective, as opposed to settling for ‘peace at all costs’. The solar eclipse on the 25th could open doors regarding travel and communications, making this a good time to plan a holiday or to visit or receive family and loved ones. Just be sure to look always at the most practical solutions if issues arise and avoid rocking the boat!


You’ll gain a deep sense of satisfaction in October by investing in people who make you happy in your personal life and at home. You’ll be drawn by romance early in October. Just be sure to choose new friends and lovers wisely as you may otherwise discover aspects of them you don’t appreciate at a later date. Emotions are likely to be strong, which could make October a rollercoaster ride if you don’t take things one step at a time and maintain perspective.

Mars in your home sector will put much of your focus on your domestic life, with family, housemates and friends being a source of camaraderie. However, towards the solar eclipse on the 25th, you’ll need to prioritise certain key people in your life, so try to find the time earlier in the month to be clear about who you wish to invest in emotionally. In this sense, you may even see a parting of ways with someone who you realise you’ve been seeing through rose-coloured glasses. The end of October is a good time to consider a fresh way to share duties and resources, such as joint finances, with those close to you.

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