Youve been cooking scrambled eggs wrong – chefs share four common mistakes

Youve been cooking scrambled eggs wrong – chefs share four common mistakes

While scrambled eggs make seem like one of the easiest dishes to whip up, there are plenty of ways the breakfast can go wrong.

Overcooking leads to a rubbery texture, while over-scrambling can make the eggs taste more like porridge.

But thankfully, professional chefs have exposed common scrambling sins that home cooks are guilty of. Check out their four top tips below…

1. Always strain your eggs before cooking

A Michelin-trained chef has revealed her top tips to improve your brekkie making skills.

Nyesha Arrington, who appeared on Bravo TV show Top Chef, says you should always strain your eggs before cooking them – as this gives them a more pleasant texture.

She told Mashed: "Scramble the eggs, and then strain them because the albumin has a higher water content to it. So it doesn't dissolve.

"You really want to strain out any bits like that so you get a really smooth, beautiful texture."

2. Season eggs after cooking them, not before

Gordon Ramsay said you can negatively impact the structure of your eggs if you season them before they're cooked.

In a YouTube video that’s been viewed 40 million times, the celebrity chef warns home cooks not to season their eggs too early.

He advised: “Start off with three eggs and don’t season it.

“If you put the salt in now, it breaks down the eggs and starts turning them into something very watery.”

Instead of adding salt or pepper, which messes up the consistency, the chef adds butter instead.

He explained: “It’s important to put this in right at the beginning because it gives it a nice velvety finish.”

Then when the eggs are cooked, Gordon uses salt, pepper and chives to give his brekkie more vibrancy.

3. Don't use milk

Have you been adding milk to your scrambled eggs?

While many of us assume the ingredient makes for creamier results, apparently this isn’t actually the case.

Italians think adding milk is a “cardinal sin” as it dilutes the flavour.

Chefs often agree with this rule too – with chef Anne Burrell saying she prefers to add water instead.

According to the Worst Cooks in America host, a tablespoon of water provides an airier texture.

It should also stop them from getting too thick or turning out hard and congealed.

According to Delish, the celebrity chef explained: “It helps get the eggs nice and fluffy."

She added: "Milk has milk solids that will brown; I want fluffy, light, lemony yellow looking eggs.”

4. Keep the temperature steady

Unfortunately for many home cooks, it’s all too easy to over-scramble eggs.

And according to Australian-French chef Manu Feildel, this is because people crank the temperature up too high.

The celebrity cook, who hosts My Kitchen Rules, says overcooking eggs makes them become dense in texture.

The pro chef recommends putting your pans on a medium heat.

You should then melt some butter into them, before adding your eggs when it starts to bubble.

During the cooking process, it's important to keep the stove at a steady temperature.

Manu explained: “Don’t let your pan get too hot.

“If the pan is too hot the eggs will cook too quickly, burn, and rather than be lovely and light, have a rubbery texture.”

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