Alex Rodriguez Comforts an Emotional Jennifer Lopez After 'Tough' Show: 'You Never Sounded Better'

Alex Rodriguez Comforts an Emotional Jennifer Lopez After 'Tough' Show: 'You Never Sounded Better'

Alex Rodriguez has mastered the role of supportive fiancé!

The former MLB slugger, 43, proved he knows just what to say to cheer up fiancée Jennifer Lopez after she turned in what she believed to be a lackluster performance on her It’s My Party tour.

In a tour diary video shared on YouTube Saturday, Lopez, 49, is seen suffering from clogged sinuses as she hits the stage in San Jose, California, and Las Vegas.

To make matters worse, Lopez accidentally hits herself in the face with a microphone, leaving blood dripping “down [her] face” and later swells into a bruise.

As she leaves the stage, it’s clear the star is struggling, and she tells an awaiting Rodriguez, “It was a tough show for me.”

But the athlete had no time for her self-criticism, heaping praise on the performance and calling it “the best show I’ve seen so far.”

“It was Saturday night in Vegas and you guys killed it. And you showed why you’re a champion, baby,” he says. “Every time I see the show it keeps getting better and better and better.”

He continues after Lopez tells him that she is “not happy” with herself.

“But wait, I don’t know what you’re talking about! Your voice was the best I’ve ever heard it! Babe, when you held that note, are you kidding me?” he says as a teary-eyed Lopez looks at him. “And your voice… by the way, you’ve never sounded better.”

A-Rod later adds, “When I walked in the building, from the parking lot to security, I had 30 people come up to me and say she killed the show… I’m so proud of you.”

Lopez, however, continued to fight his praise, explaining that she felt dizzy while on stage and was upset that she had missed several steps in her dance routines.

“Nobody’s looking at steps,” Rodriguez reassures her. “People are looking at how beautiful you are and how great you sound.”

Eventually, Lopez appears happier, and tells manager Benny Medina, “Alex said it was the best show he’d ever seen. That’s why I love him and I’m gonna marry him. Whether he wants to or not, we’re getting married. We’re getting married forever.”

The couple got engaged in March during a Bahamas getaway after two years of dating.

And just as Rodriguez was there to lend support and advice to Lopez, the star revealed in the July issue of Sports Illustrated that she’s done the same for him, and helped him break out of his shell early on in their relationship.

“I had it backwards,” he said of his approach to the media. “I tried to say the right things, to be manipulative, instead of doing the right things. For so long, I took the approach that it doesn’t matter what they write; I’m just going to go out and be the best baseball player I can be. I didn’t realize that it actually does matter.”

Luckily for Rodriguez, Lopez was there to help, offering constructive criticism after he showed her video of a press conference he’d participated in.

“‘You could have smiled, once,’ ” she said, Rodriguez recalled. “‘You’re silly, you’re funny; I know that now. And why did you say you’re fine without baseball? You love baseball. You miss baseball. It’s okay to let people know that.’ “

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