Carol Vorderman ‘sick of being treated as sex object’ as fans ignore her brains

Carol Vorderman is sick of being treated like a sex object rather than respected for her brains.

The former Countdown host – who turned 60 on Christmas Eve – said more attention is paid to her body than to her successes in business, writing, education and as a pilot.

Carol also slammed TV bosses for not including more intelligent women on shows such as Loose Women.

She said: “I’m a very successful businesswoman and I’m a hugely successful author, who has sold more children’s education books over 25 years than anyone in UK history, but I suppose that isn’t celebrity-worthy.

“I can do a million things on social media about being a pilot, but as soon as I put up a photo with a tight outfit on, that’s the one that gets the publicity. Therefore, the public only see one side of me.”

Carol – who often flaunts her curves on Instagram – said she hated the fact she was only in the news for wearing short skirts while appearing on Countdown.

Since quitting the show, Carol has reinvented herself, launching everything from sudoku products to brain-training aerobics games.

She believes the TV world is ageist and said she wasn’t allowed to bring businesswomen on to Loose Women to present positive female role models.

The mum-of-two said: “As a girl, if you are interested in science, maths and engineering, there’s no opportunity to observe role models on TV.

“Back when I hosted Loose Women, I used to ask, ‘Why can’t we have women who run companies as our guests?’

“And they would respond with, ‘Oh no’.”

Carol also revealed that she is in no rush to share her life with someone.

She said: “The thought of sharing my life with someone again makes me feel positively sick.”

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