Denise Van Outen has no regrets over ladette days and is now a moderate drinker

Denise Van Outen has no regrets over ladette days and is now a moderate drinker

Denise Van Outen has revealed she has no regrets about her ladette days and now doesn't drink to get drunk.

The actress, 47, said she's a moderate drinker these days as she wants good conversation that she remembers in the morning.

"Now I feel like alcohol for me is something that I pick and choose whenever I feel it's the right time to have a drink," she said in a video introducing non-alcoholic beer Heineken 0.0.

"I am definitely one of those moderate drinkers.

"I don't go out now to get drunk but I think when I was younger we did, you'd go out with your mates with the purpose of just getting really drunk.

"But now when I go out I want to have a good conversation and I want to remember it the next day."

The former Big Breakfast star said in the past when she's gone out and not wanted to drink she's made excuses, like saying she was on antibiotics, instead of just saying she didn't fancy any alcohol.

And she is happy that things are changing.

The star – who is mum to 11-year-old daughter Betsy – said: "Finally I can stand at the bar, I don't have to say I'm on antibiotics. No, I'm not pregnant."

Denise said she could opt for a non-alcoholic beverage when she felt like it "and just enjoy it and be the ladette that I used to be".

"But a grown up one!" she added.

One thing Denise might still be up for is the odd racy photoshoot.

The star graced the covers of plenty of lads' mags back in the 90s and recently told the Daily Star that she would still consider getting her kit off for a shoot in the right circumstances.

She said: "Do you know what, all the shoots I did in the 90s, I'm sure people like Kelly Brook will agree with me, they were all tastefully done.

"We never felt uncomfortable doing those shoots. It depends on what it is, but if it was the right shoot, yeah I would never say never."

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