EastEnders’ Ace Ruele Aristotles issues Home Office plea amid deportation fears

EastEnders actor Ace Ruele Aristotles, 33, has issued a public plea to the British Home Office amid fears he could face deportation.

The star, who appeared on the BBC soap in 2017, was born in the UK but his mother did not have British citizenship at the time and was given indefinite leave to remain.

Taking to Twitter in 2017 after his scenes in EastEnders aired, Ace tweeted: "Thanks for all the messages and support for those who tuned in last night to watch on EastEnders. #actorslife"

When he was 19-years-old, Ace found himself on the wrong side of the law after partaking in crimes including robbery with an imitation of a firearm.

Speaking about his situation to MyLondon, Ace explained he feels as if no one at the Home Office 'has a heart' when looked at cases.

He said: "You just sometimes think to yourself, 'is there nobody in the Home Office with a heart?'

"I’ve been working, I’ve had a family, I was born and grown here, I’ve worked with the Met Police, the London Mayor’s office, helping tackle youth violence…so why are you troubling me?"

Ace is currently in a temporary 'leave to remain' situation which means he has to renew his 'licence' every thirty months.

Each time he is granted an extension he must pay £2,389.

When asked about the ongoing situation, a spokesperson for the Home Office said: "Mr Kentake’s Indefinite Leave to Remain was revoked as a result of criminality.

"He was subsequently granted Limited Leave to Remain which enables him to stay and work in the UK.

"It is incorrect to report that he is facing deportation."

Ace recently told The Independent: "I feel like I am being punished twice for a mistake I made years ago.

"I take responsibility for my actions but, at the end of the day, I’ve served my time, have never reoffended and I’m not a threat to society."

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