Ed Sheeran Completes Covid-19 Quarantine in Time for 'Saturday Night Live'

Ed Sheeran Completes Covid-19 Quarantine in Time for 'Saturday Night Live'

Following a positive Covid-19 test earlier this month, Ed Sheeran has been cleared from isolation in time to make his Saturday Night Live appearance as the musical guest on this week’s Kieran Culkin-hosted episode.

“Posting this pic to say I’m released from Covid isolation today, so if you see me out and about I’ve had the all-clear and done my quarantine,” the singer shared on Instagram. “Excited to hit the ground running with work again, and SNL is still on, so tune in Saturday, see you there.”

Sheeran canceled a slate of in-person appearances in order to self-isolate, mainly including promotional interviews and performances for his recently released fourth studio album Equals.

“I’m obviously still in Covid isolation but please let me know what you think when it’s out,” he wrote ahead of the project’s release. “Gonna be having a solo party tonight and tomorrow to celebrate.”

Sheeran passed the time in isolation with a number of livestreamed performances and Instagram live Q&A sessions to make the most of the situation. A separate promotional opportunity sent the “Bad Habits” singer into London’s Leicester Square via a LADbible avatar that allowed him to interact with people on the street from home through a tablet strapped to a man’s face.

Clearly, the show must go on.

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