Glastonbury: What you don’t see – secret bar, free transport and gatecrashers

Glastonbury: What you don’t see – secret bar, free transport and gatecrashers

Glastonbury is one of the top events of the summer, where thousands flock to watch the biggest names in music.

Worthy Park is taken over by hordes and hordes of people, all clamouring to see the live acts and soak up the electric atmosphere, come rain or shine.

Those not lucky enough to get tickets are forced to watch the extravaganza on their television sets or other forms of media, with the BBC airing plenty of footage from the Somerset countryside.

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Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, the Pet Shop Boys, Noel Gallagher and Primal Scream were just a few of the star names on show this year.

However, not all the action gets caught on camera – from secret bars to free transport – and the Daily Star has taken a look into what fans don’t see on camera.


Every festival has the odd character who tries their luck by trying to gatecrash their way into the festival before the event even kicks off.

An Oxfam volunteer told Daily Star: “I’ve been doing this for years and we often see groups getting on the train with ladders thinking they can get in.

“I saw two people get in and chucked back out by security.

“They were escorted out straight away though so they getting get very far.”

Last minute adjustments

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The headliner location is the Pyramid Stage, where McCartney, Billie Eilish and Kendrick Lemar topped the bill, while Ross was selected for the iconic Legends slot on Sunday afternoon.

However, a source told Daily Star that the stage was only finished less than 24 hours before Billie appeared on Friday night.

They said: “The Pyramid Stage wasn’t even finished when people were starting to arrive.

“The main speakers were only out up hours before the first act took to the stage on Friday.”

Free lift

There is a also charity in Glastonbury that offers festival-goers the chance to get to and from Worthy Park free of charge.

Go Car Share have set up a scheme where people can offer any spare spaces in their car to help make sure their fellow music lover gets home safely.

There’s a stall set up on the main site at Worthy Farm where visitors can pass on their contact information on a sticky note and it gets placed on the dentition where the person is driving too.

Secret bar

Finally, Glastonbury is home to over a whopping 101 bars, but there is also a secret venue which only a select few know about.

Over the course of the weekend, over 200,000 festival-goers and 67,000 staff join the dreaded long queues to purchase their favourite beverage.

However, some manage to avoid the crowds and enjoy their booze in a private location on site.


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