Harvey Price’s landmark moments as he turns 19 from moving out to new job

Harvey Price is celebrating his 19th birthday today.

The oldest child of glamour model and TV personality Katie Price, Harvey has hardly left her side since being born.

While Harvey's father Dwight Yorke has been distant in his life, Katie, 43, has worked hard to give her son as normal life as possible despite his lifelong conditions.

He suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome and autism, as well as partial blindness.

Regardless of the changes, Harvey has overcome many difficulties during his life and celebrated a series of achievements in recent years.

Here Daily Star has taken a look back at some of his most landmark moments.

Clothing line

In March 2021 Katie announced she had helped Harvey sign a clothing deal in a bid to give him as many opportunities in life as possible and earn his own money.

Speaking at the end of 2020, Katie revealed that Harvey's XXL range of clothes by the end of 2021.

Katie teamed up with Big Clothing 4 U owner Ben Pearson for the venture.

"He [Harvey] deserves like everyone else in life to have a chance," Katie explained.

"I want him to have a clothing range out…because it will be for him, and that's why I've come to you [Ben]."

She added: "So I want you and Harvey to do something together, as that's long-term for him and he's got an income himself."

Harvey Price lands train announcer job with Network Rail

Following his BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me, Harvey was inundated with offers from companies up and down the UK who were touched by the moving TV special with his mum.

During the programme Harvey was seen visiting a train station to watch the trains go past.

He was filmed meeting a friend and excitedly reading out the train announcement which he knew off by heart.

Days after the programme aired Network Rail reached out to offer him the chance to pre-record an announcement for the show.

Network Rail shared a post by Katie which read: "Incredible news! Harvey is going to be a train announcer for @NetworkRail"

Independent living

After he turned 18-years-old Katie started to see if he would be able to live on his own but with support from both herself and carers.

To give her son as much safe freedom as possible she helped him move into a property across the road from the one she was staying in with boyfriend Carl Woods.

The three bedroom property has been fitted with CCTV cameras so Katie is able to check up on Harvey around the clock if needs be.

While she's still close by to give and support needed, it has allowed Harvey more freedom.

She explained: "I've got him his own little house at the minute. It's opposite where we live. It's got all cameras in it.

"So either I'm here or there's a carer who's known him for seven years from school. He's got his own kitchen. It's a three-bedroom house, so that's the start of his independent living."

Moving to college

In September this year Harvey is set to move to college after Katie made the difficult decision in 2020.

While there is no denying Katie has gone above and beyond over the past 19 years to raise Harvey as a single mum, at times it has been challenging.

A special residential college would allow herself some rest bite as well as helping equip Harvey with skills to help him throughout his life.

While the exact location of the college is yet to be confirmed, Katie accepts that it will mean she won't be able to see her son every day like she currently does.

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