Helen Flanagan strips to underwear as Corrie star shows off blooming baby bump

Helen Flanagan looked mesmerising as she took to Instagram to not only parade her flourishing baby bump but her own lingerie creation.

The 30-year-old, who is better known for her role as Rosie Webster on Coronation Street, shared an unedited video flaunting her blooming tummy while showing other mummy's to-be just how comfy her new range could be during maternity.

Filming the segment herself, she modelled the lilac leopard print garments to promote her new collection that she had designed in collaboration with Pour Moi.

Wearing the underwired balcony item, which boasted two further straps that formed across her chest for extra support, she looked effortlessly stunning.

Helen recently took the plunge from soap stardom as she explored an entirely new career as a fashion designer, launching her very own lingerie range, named after her daughter.

Plugging her brand she captioned: "Prettiest autumn maternity set in beautiful berry @delilahrubyuk. Perfect for nursing your little ones and super comfortable during pregnancy."

While her face didn't come into view, it was evident to see that Helen's blonde tresses had been swooped up into a high ponytail.

The current mum-of-two, appeared to be in great shape and looked incredibly healthy as she stroked her stomach.

Although Helen seemed to be glowing, she had recently opened up to Insta fans that she'd been struggling during her third pregnancy after she'd had hyperemesis gravidarum, a really extreme morning sickness.

Even though the soap star had suffered from the pregnancy illness with her two daughters Matilda and Delilah, she confessed that this time round, it had been so much worse.

Speaking candidly on Instagram, she said: "I haven't found this pregnancy easy at all. I've had hyperemesis gravidarum which is really extreme morning sickness.

"No one wants to feel like that, especially during a time that should be exciting. The entire experience has been a real challenge and exhausting both physically and mentally."

Delving into the emotional battle, the actress explained: "One of the worst things about HG is how isolating it is.

"I couldn't go out, I couldn't cook, even talking on the phone for too long would make me ill. "

Wanting to guide other suffers to similar supportive networks that had helped to make her feel a tad better, Helen penned: "One thing that helped keep my spirits up during this time was @peanut.

"Being able to open the app and read other women's experiences and messages of support was a great comfort and helped me to understand that I'm not alone.

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