Jesy Nelson was ‘s***ing herself’ as she feared Little Mix exit would spark fury

Jesy Nelson has revealed that she was "s***ing herself" with worry as the news broke on ITV's Lorraine that she had fled Little Mix.

The 29-year-old recalled the moment she was huddled with family as Lorraine Kelly was discussing the bombshell announcement.

Fearing the worst, Jesy nervously turned off her comments section on social media as she'd been convinced she would receive endless backlash from angry fans.

However, it was her sister Jade Nelson who phoned to explain she couldn't have been more wrong, advising her that fans in their masses were fully supportive.

After consulting with her trusted sibling, Jesy decided to "turn on" her comments section.

Now overwhelmed with love, emotion and nothing but positivity she broke down in tears with relief.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, the songstress said: "I was at home with my family, taking everything in on the news.

"Everyone was talking about it on Lorraine. When I put up my statement I turned off my comments because I was s***ing myself because I thought, 'I'm going to get so much backlash for this.'"

The Shout Out To My Ex hitmaker explained: "My sister rang me and said, 'I think you should turn on your comments. Everything I've seen is really positive.'

"I turned on my comments and just sat in bed and cried because I was overwhelmed with how lovely everyone was being.

"It was a shock to me. I couldn't get over how much people were supporting me and understood."

In the interview with the same publication, Jesy detailed that there had been a misconception when it came to her reasons for leaving the band surrounding her mental health.

She revealed that her followers had questioned her decision to start making her own music after announcing she had decided to leave the band for mental health reasons.

Jesy clarified that it was the pressure of being in a girl band which was what pushed her out of the group, not because she didn't want to perform or do music again.

She added that she thought it was "crazy" that people thought that she was going to stop working completely, as she said that creating music and going to the studio is "good for her mental health".

Read the full interview in the June issue of Cosmopolitan – on sale 6th May 2021

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