Joel Dommett says wife working out with trainer is like watching them have sex

Joel Dommett says wife working out with trainer is like watching them have sex

Joel Dommett has revealed watching his wife workout with her personal trainer is like “watching someone have sex with your wife and knowing that he was better than me”.

During the latest instalment of the couple’s new podcast, Never Have I Ever, the happily married couple opened up about their workout routine together.

The pair, who both work with the same personal trainer named Gustavs Vaz Tostes, have recently started weight training together after his wife Hannah Cooper expressed an interest in it.

But despite the fact that the fitness professional is married and has a child with his loving partner, The Masked Singer star, 36, has confessed that he still finds himself feeling jealous around them in the gym.

As the blonde bombshell proudly showed off her newfound strength, Joel couldn’t help but complain about their new workout routine.

He told listeners at home: “We decided on weight [training] last week, [it’s] very exciting.

“[We] Got it all sorted out [and] Hannah was adamant that she wanted to do it with my friend Gus, who is a CrossFit, personal trainer man.

“[With] Wavy, sort of black hair, Brazilian tan, big moustache, ripped to f**k and back.”

It was at this point that Hannah interrupted, saying: “I’d like to also add that he is married with a child, so I'd never go there.”

Joel then burst out into laughter as he added: “Thanks, and that’s the reason that she wouldn’t go there, not because she’s married to me.”

The hunk couldn’t help but laugh at the situation as he shared his feelings of jealousy, adding that his wife “ended up fancying Gus more than me”.

He went on: “I was a bit on the outside of it because I was sort of trying to go along with it but he was, obviously, focusing on you because you were newer and he loves you and you’re sexy.

“It was kind of like watching another man have sex with my wife and knowing that he was better than me.”

It comes after the pair launched their podcast last week which sees them push themselves out of their comfort zones and try out things they’ve never done before.

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