Katie Price loses another tooth as she shows off gaping hole in mouth to fans

Katie Price loses another tooth as she shows off gaping hole in mouth to fans

Former glamour model Katie Price has revealed that she's lost another tooth.

While recording her podcast The Katie Price Show alongside her sister Sophie, the 45-year-old showed off the large gap in her mouth where her veneer would have been.

Speaking candidly, she told Sophie: "I lost my tooth, I need to get it stuck in tomorrow," as her sister looked on in horror.

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Two weeks ago mum-of-five Katie lost another veneer while participating in a TikTok live.

During the live session where Katie was seen chatting away with fans, she got closer to the screen and held her tooth up to the camera to reveal it became loose and fell out.

Seeing the large gap at the time, fans were quick to comment on how lucky Katie was to have the tooth fall out in the rear side of her mouth instead of the front.

Katie has had a number of issues with her "Turkey teeth" over the years.

In 2020 she jetted to Turkey to get two veneers replaced after they fell out of her mouth.

During her procedure, the I'm A Celeb star showed her shaved down teeth while joking at the time: "I look like something out of James Bond. The man with metal teeth."

A few years before her Turkey trip, Katie's mouth was left full of ulcers after she had temporary veneers put in as part of a huge teeth transformation.

While undergoing that particular procedure Katie confessed that it was the first cosmetic surgery she actually needed – after breaking her teeth in a childhood skateboarding accident.

A qualified dentist previously warned that Katie could end up with more complications in the future if she was to keep having her cosmetic teeth re-done.

Dr Nilesh R Parmar told The Mirror: "Several re-dos of veneers and now crowns over the years would have left [Katie] with little or no tooth tissue remaining.

"Remember each time veneers or crowns are re-done we have to remove more tooth tissue. As this gets closer and closer to the nerve, these teeth can need root canal work further reducing their lifespan."

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