Lisa Marie’s childhood fun with Elvis at Graceland shared by cousin

Lisa Marie’s childhood fun with Elvis at Graceland shared by cousin

Lisa Marie Presley speaks at Graceland on Elvis's birthday

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Lisa Marie Presley only knew her father Elvis Presley for the first nine years of her life, until his sudden death from a heart attack at 42 in 1977. Prior to the tragedy, they had many happy times together at Graceland, the gated mansion estate in Memphis, Tennessee with luxurious facilities. When The King purchased the house in 1957, he moved his extended family in and made his uncles security guards. The generous star even bought a trailer to sit next to the home where his cousin Billy Smith and his family would live. The last surviving original Memphis Mafia member knew the singer from before he was famous and is one of the few people left alive who knew the real Elvis, spending hours upstairs in his bedroom as a trusted confidant.

Billy and his wife now have a YouTube channel called Elvis Fans Matter and following the recent death of Lisa Marie Presley at just 54, they’ve been sharing fond memories of her and The King at Graceland.

The couple remembered one time when the little girl approached her father asking him to fix the flat tyre on her golf cart, that she drove around the grounds with the other Memphis Mafia kids.

Elvis dryly replied to her, “Daddy’s rich, I don’t do things like that”, before asking her to request help from one of the members of staff. On another occasion, Lisa Marie asked The King if everybody in the world knew who she was.

Lisa Marie found it strange that fans waiting outside the gates of Graceland for a glimpse of Elvis would call out her name. She and her childhood friends would sometimes throw acorns at them and one time the sassy little girl tricked some unsuspecting folks.

One time they wanted to take a picture of her, which she allowed before asking if she could take one of them. The fans agreed, Lisa Marie took the camera and drove off with her buddies in a golf cart. When she asked her father if she was world-famous, he replied: “Well, everybody knows Daddy and a lot of people know you because of Daddy.”

Billy and Jo also shared how their sons Danny and Joey would often have a cost for spending time with her.

Jo said: “She loved to have kids around and playing. Danny, Joey and Rory would usually bribe her too [saying], ‘If you don’t have [Lottie the cook] make us a Lottie Burger we’re going home. Lisa, go get us a Pepsi.’ She used to circle our trailer [in her golf cart] when she got up, saying little things like ‘Nerd, Nerd, Nerd’ and ‘come on, get up’. If they didn’t, she’d come up to the door knocking and hit their window. They had a big treehouse out in one of those big oak trees right by our trailer. She loved to get up in that treehouse and play.”


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