Mark Ronson manipulates all the feelings in masterful Sydney DJ set

Mark Ronson manipulates all the feelings in masterful Sydney DJ set

Mark Ronson ★★★★½
Universal, July 10

Mark Ronson in his pop-up Club Heartbreak at Universal in Sydney on July 10.

It's perfectly fitting that Mark Ronson labelled his fifth studio album Late Night Feelings. That's just the type of thing this master manipulator, or manipulating maestro if you will, evokes.

Whether it's at home listening to his collection of "sad bangers" or throbbing with a heaving crowd at his pop-up event Club Heartbreak, you will absolutely have feelings.

At his Sydney Club Heartbreak event Ronson was in fine form as puppet master pulling the strings of the crowd below.

In the manner of a potter fashioning a vase, he expertly massaged the crowd's emotions. A dancefloor thumper like Britney Spear's Toxic here, a revved-up version of The Four Season's Beggin' suddenly converted to dancefloor anthem there, an album track thrown in somewhere else for good measure.

Then, just when the audience is whipped into a frenzy, he reminds them of the reason they are there with Back to Black from "the woman who taught me heartbreak", Amy Winehouse.

Immediately you are no longer in a frenzy, but nostalgic and wistful in a bizarre shift from where you were just seconds ago.

Ronson is such a prolific music maker, such a successful maker of bangers, he could have arrogantly just whipped out the albums he has made, the songs he has worked on and the artists he created and sat back and enjoyed everyone's joy.

Hearts and glitter rain on the crowd at Mark Ronson’s Club Heartbreak.

But that is not who he is. It was his party and you would cry if he wanted you to … or laugh, but mostly dance.

The Miley Cyrus movement of the show was particularly interesting. It began with an unreleased cover of Ariana Grande's No Tears Left To Cry with Cyrus' voice leaving you in no doubt that she had a single tear left in her.

It moved into the first single from Late Night Feelings, Nothing Breaks Like a Heart, before moving the mood on with Dolly Parton (Cyrus' godmother) and Jolene. It could only have been more perfect had the section concluded with a Ronson Remix of Achy Breaky Heart.

The whole show wrapped with a confetti cannon of hearts and glitter as True Blue, the best song from Late Night Feelings' over-achieving collection of great songs, rang out over an audience who had just had every feeling you are allowed to have in public.

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