Noel Gallagher believes in UFOs and has spent lockdown researching aliens

Former Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher has become obsessed with researching aliens during lockdown and seeing the documentary The Phenomenon has changed his opinion on whether there are extra terrestrials out there.

In the film ufologist James Fox investigates the 1994 incident at Ariel School, a primary school located outside of Harare, Zimbabwe, in which multiple students said a small craft landed in the playground and a humanoid stepped out and stood before them inducing images of a drying Earth in their minds.

The documentary features interviews with students as adults and Noel admits hearing them recount their experience in the same accurate detail made him think that there are spaceships visiting our planet.

The Don’t Look Back In Anger singer said: “Some kids together in a playground in Zimbabwe had seen a UFO land, at the time they gave vivid descriptions and they got them all together again and they told exactly the same story.

“It made me think, well if they were lying then the stories, inevitably, would have evolved and changed a bit.

“They showed them being filmed giving their stories back whenever it was, and they were telling it word for word, I was like, ‘Oh, f***ing hell.’ Because if that’s just something you make up it would have been embellished down the years.”

Noel isn't the only Gallagher who believes there's extra life out there.

His younger brother Liam once said he believes aliens are angels.

He said: “Aliens are probably angels, or God or whatever.

"I’m partial to that stuff, yeah. We’ve all got little weird things ­going on where we go, ‘Hold on a minute, what’s all that here?’

“Little coincidences, it’s all part of the story.”

“I do believe that it’s not all down to us and that there’s something else going on.

“The door is ajar on that church when it comes to God, I’m sitting on the fence on that one.

“But I do believe in the science side of things.”

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