Scarlett Moffatt shows wonky smile as face freezes after cosmetic work on teeth

Gogglebox favourite Scarlett Moffatt took to social media to showcase the results of her smile transformation.

After a trip to the dentist, the 29-year-old wanted to showcase her new teeth but struggled to crack a smile after being given anaesthetic.

The TV starlet who is most loved for her bubbly nature, couldn't help but make a joke out of the fact she was now temporarily left with a lopsided smile.

Trying her hardest to unleash her gnashers to the camera she attempted to move her lips to flash her teeth.

Captioning the epic fail she hilariously penned: "When you try and smile after anaesthetic."

Prior to the funny snap, Scarlett revealed told fans she was about to undergo a procedure at the specialist practice.

Sharing another snap, she wrote: "Back at my fav dentists working on this smile @queenswaysmiles."

Despite boasting a slightly wonky smile after dental treatment, the reality queen certainly seemed to radiate beauty in her latest selfies posted to her story.

Most probably due to the fact the former I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! winner recently claimed she'd found a new inner confidence and happiness with her body.

Enjoying an sun-soaked trip to Turkey recently Scarlett used her platform to share an unedited video that showcased her hourglass proportions from all angles.

The brunette wanted to inspire her legion of followers to love their bodies, no matter the size or shape as she urged fans to be kind to themselves.

Sharing the snippet as the camera skimmed her entire body in a sassy army green swimsuit, she penned: "BE KIND not just to others but to yourself! This is my body my boobs my belly my legs."

The TV sensation, had previously admitted to suffering from low self esteem but definitely proved that she had overcome her own demons with her body.

She continued: "If you are like me and have ever criticised your body or missed out like not gone on a night out or to a beach or pool.

"Or cancelled an event because you felt like you looked too fat or too thin or too saggy or not perfect then STOP!

"Lets be our own best friends and not stop living our best life just because we aren’t a “perfect aesthetic” life is far too short and life would be super boring if we were all the same!

"Remember every body is a beach body."

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