Sharon Osbourne tells of her suicide attempt and says she stopped ‘for the kids’

Sharon Osbourne has revealed she tried to take her own life four years ago but stopped for the sake of her kids.

The 68-year-old – who has Jack, Kelly and Aimee with husband Ozzy – has opened up about her suicide attempt.

She said: “Four years ago, I tried to take my life and it wasn’t for attention. I just couldn’t bear it.”

Sharon, who has been “medicated for 28 years," had a wake-up call when she met two other patients.

She added: “They told me they were drinking and using drugs. Both of them, their mothers had taken their own lives.

“And it messed them up so bad that they couldn’t cope with their lives and that shocked me into – am I going to do this to my family, my babies? No way.

“It was like an electric shock and it was like, get it together.”

Sharon also revealed she didn’t feel she could talk to anyone, which left her feeling “alone” and confused.

She started taking antidepressants when a girl at her work offered her some of her own. Sharon told US show The Talk: “I took some of her pills and after a couple of weeks I felt better.

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“Then she said this is the doctor to go to and tell him how you feel. That was the big breakthrough for me.

“I didn’t understand why I was feeling so different to everyone else. I couldn’t tell anybody.”

She revealed she had tried to overdose in the past, saying: “I would take whatever was in the bathroom cabinet. I needed help.”

This week Sharon revealed Ozzy and her still make love a couple of times a week.

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The former X Factor judge said that the intimacy between herself and rocker Ozzy “remains the best thing in the world.”

She has opened up on how crazed Ozzy, 71, was “way over sexed” during his 20s thanks to groupies and rock ’n’ roll excess.

However he still is a stallion to wife Sharon, rocking and rolling in bed at least twice a week.

When asked “how many times are you getting it” by a co-host on TV, Sharon replied: “It is getting less. It used to be three times a day.

“Now it is much less now, let’s say a couple of times a week, which is normal in a long, long relationship.”

Sharon called out Oz for his raucous past.

“Let me tell you something Ozzy was way over sexed. That is no secret. He had enough for all,” she said.

For emotional support you can call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, email [email protected], visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to the Samaritans website.

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