Yung Bleu Apologizes to Coi Leray After BET Awards Nominations Critics

After the raptress claps back at him as he alludes that Coi doesn’t deserve the nominations, the ‘You’re Mines Still’ rapper takes to social media to apologize to the daughter of Benzino.

AceShowbizYung Bleu has backtracked on his comments on Coi Lerai getting multiple BET Awards nominations. After the 24-year-old raptress clapped back at him as he alluded that Coi didn’t deserve the nominations, the “You’re Mines Still” artist issued an apology to the daughter of Benzino.

Making it clear that he wasn’t attacking Coi, Bleu said in a now-deleted Instagram post, “@coileray I apologize . U a sweet person and we always embraced each other since day 1.” He continued, “My post def wasn’t a diss to u or your accomplishments u talented as hell ! ! Both of us got much more to come u like my LIl cry baby sister we always fighting Lol !”

“It’s was a big lack of communication none but positive vibes tho I wanna see you have more success. Dnt let nobody tell u different hommie,” he concluded.

He doubled down on the sentiment on Twitter. “You one of the most talented people I met and I’ll never come on any social platform and disrespect you, I love you as a person and an artist regardless of anything!” Blue wrote to Coi.

The back-and-forth between the two started after Bleu expressed his disappointment at the nomination list for the 2021 BET. “TIRED OF BEING QUIET SOMETIMES I BE WONDERING WHO ASS I GOTTA KISS TO STOP BEING SHITTED ON,” wrote Yung Bleu on Instagram in a since-deleted post. “@bet YALL NO THATS SOME BULLSHIT! DNT SAY YALL DNT CONSIDER ME A NEW ARTIST EITHER CUZ Y’all think I POPped UP AFTER YOUR MINES STILL! APPLUAD EVERY ARTIST ON THE LIST YALL DESERVE IT but I BEEN GRINDING! NOT 1 single artist ON THIS LIST GOT MOre PLAQUES THAN ME!”

Seemingly responding to Bleu’s rant, Coi later wrote on Twitter, “I’m one of the 6 songs that went platinum this year. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t make s***ttttt.” Later, Bleu appeared to subtweet Coi with his post which read, “U deserve it ! ….fasho …I do to tho ! I honest just used u as a example that I meet the qualifications as wel . I was 1 of those 6 songs that went platinum and I actually went platinum twice this year also. let’s not give them A show I got love for ya kid keep going.”

Coi earned a nomination for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the 2021 BET Awards. The “No More Parties” artist was also up for Best New Artist category at the upcoming award-giving event.

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