How an Expensive Habit Led Guillermo del Toro to Produce 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark'

Guillermo del Toro is Hollywood’s premiere authority on monsters. He’s created some of cinema’s most memorable creatures in original films like Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim and his Oscar-winning The Shape of Water. He also brought comic book creatures from  Hellboy to the screen and brought his own vampires to Blade II. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark gives del Toro a whole book full of monsters to put on screen.

The monsters in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark aren’t his own creations though. Stephen Gammell illustrated Alvin Schwartz’s books. Del Toro didn’t direct the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie either. He wrote the screenplay and produced it, but it’s clearly dear to his heart. When he introduced the cast and director Andre Ovredal to reporters, del Toro spoke about his history with the books and the film.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is in theaters August 9. Learn about Guillermo del Toro’s obsession with the franchise in this Cheat Sheet for the film. 

Guillermo del Toro reveals his ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ habit

Guillermo del Toro was always attracted to monsters. So when he saw the book in a store, the love affair began.

“I was roaming through a book store in San Antonio, TX,” del Toro shared. “I was in my early teens and I came upon this volume that had an irresistible title: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The cover illustration was so creepy and I started browsing it. The illustrations got me first but Alvin Schwartz’s retelling of the tales was incredibly efficient, lean and mean. It really was like having a campfire between those two covers.”

Once he got a taste of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, del Toro couldn’t read just one. 

“I collected the books,” del Toro said. “He had two more books over the years and it’s one of those books that I kept buying to give it to friends. I would tell some of the stories to my kids and I’m sure they haven’t recuperated either.”

Even when del Toro became a working director, his habit for collecting outweighed his income as a filmmaker. He also went broke paying a ransom for his kidnapped father.

“Fortunately, one day I was coming from a meeting at New Line Cinema,” del Toro continued. “There was a gathering back then. I think it was called Once Upon a Time and they were showing and selling the original art for the stories. At that time, I had, I think, just came out of the kidnapping of my father. I was really, really broke but I was extravagant and I bought the key illustrations from the book that I loved which led to a lot of financial trouble after that, and marital trouble.”

Keeping those drawings all this time ended up paying off. They inspired the movie. 

“I needed to have the key images that affected my youth,” he said. “I think that the beauty of the book is that each story is self-contained but that’s the nightmare of adapting it and making it into a film. So I have to come up with a concept that encompassed that theme.”

Guillermo del Toro handpicked director Andre Ovredal

Knowing that he was only going to produce Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, del Toro had to find a director who could realize his childhood obsession. Ovredal was the first and only director he considered.

“It just so happened that Andre and I had communicated when he came up with a movie called Trollhunter that I loved and then The Autopsy of Jane Doe which I was praising as much as I could to Twitter,” del Toro said. “We started corresponding and I said, ‘Well, he would be the ideal guy.’ He was the one and only filmmaker we approached and fortunately for me, he accepted.”

And del Toro let Ovredal make an Andre Ovredal film. He’s only hands-on to support the director’s vision.

“When I produce, I’m in the corner but the guy getting the punches is the director,” del Toro said. “I’m there with the water and the mouth guard. I say, ‘You’re doing great, Rocky, don’t worry. This turkey’s not going to take you.’ I’m not taking the punches. I suffer, but I don’t get them.”

The monster makers had to prove themselves to Guillermo del Toro too

Being as particular about monsters as del Toro, and an artist in his own right, anyone working on Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark creatures had to measure up. The actors may have had whirlwind auditions, but the creature designers had the most to prove.

“For me, sculptors are like actors,” del Toro said. “So I wanted somebody that could embody the exact feeling of the sculpture and the painting and the creation of each creature. So we used several of the best creature guys in the business to render each of the drawings and bring them to life. I also think that you’re much better with physical effects and digital just enhancement or accents.”

It was difficult picking only six ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’

By now you can tell how big a fan of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark del Toro is. With three books of stories, how could he narrow it down to only a handful that would appear in the film?

“We did American Idol with the stories in the writers’ room,” del Toro said. “We were saying, ‘Which are your favorites?’ We distilled it to the five or six that we like the most. Some of them are told in their entirety. Some others are referenced. We basically distilled it to the ones that everybody seems to remember most. We said, ‘Let’s do greatest hits.’”

When voting out scary stories, or hopefully relegating them to a sequel, the criteria was simple.

“We looked for stories that would illuminate each of the characters,” del Toro said. “Auggie (Gabriel Rush), for example, is a fastidious eater and is very worried about what goes into processed foods. He was perfect for The Big Toe. Chuck (Austin Zajur) is smothered by his mother and that informs the story. [Ruth (Natalie Ganzhorn)]’s obsessed with perfection and that informs her story which no surprise is The Red Spot. We were looking not for something that was just a scary story, but that it would be connected to character.”

So, what’s one of Schultz’s stories that was too vague to be included in the movie?

“If you do, for example, The Hook, it’s anecdotal,” del Toro said. “Nothing happens. But Tommy (Austin Abrams) gets Harold, and that informs his personality. Each of the stories was in harmony with the character.“

Guillermo del Toro wants kids to get scared by ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’

Since del Toro discovered horror as a young child, he knows that monsters are for everyone. Some horror is so intense it has to be rated R and discovered later. The horror of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is for kids like he was.

“The submitted rating is PG-13,” del Toro said. “The idea is the books are favorites amongst young readers and I think that there are two or three generations of parents that know the books. So it’s not an unknown. They know that this is a roller coaster. It has a sense of fun. It has a throwback wholesome feeling but it’s also scary. It’s really a ride but there is a safety bar in it.”

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Strictly’s Dianne Buswell decorates her armpits and calls on women to ‘celebrate their underarms’ for new campaign

STRICTLY'S Dianne Buswell and Brooklyn Beckham’s ex Tallia Storm have called on women to ‘celebrate their underarms’.

Australian ballroom dancer, Dianne, 30, and feisty Scottish pop singer, Tallia, 20, issued the 'call to arms' as they proudly flaunted their underarms to reveal golden shooting stars.

Cassie Lomas, celebrity make-up artist to stars such as Little Mix, designed and applied the cosmic graphics over the weekend.

Dove is behind #ArmsUp which was launched after a study commissioned by the personal care brand found nine in 10 women feel self-conscious about their underarms.

Dianne, who was paired with now-boyfriend Joe Sugg on the last series of Strictly Come Dancing, said: "I’m dancing with people I’ve never met before and there’s definitely been times where maybe I haven’t shaved or I hope I smell alright.

"It’s fine to be real and natural – I just think go and do it, live life – don’t worry about being ‘perfect’.”"

The majority of the 2,000 women polled said they had at some point felt ‘embarrassed’ and ‘unsexy’ as a result of their underarms.

Of the younger females who took part in the study, one in 10 have avoided spending time with their partner or friends because of underarm inhibitions.

A third have felt so concerned about their underarms they avoided exercising, while 34 per cent claimed their lack of underarm confidence has held them back in their careers.

The biggest worries among those polled were stubble, hair and sweat patches – followed by smell and ‘armpit fat.’

Tallia, who first rose to prominence when she duetted with Sir Elton John aged 13, said: "I think everyone should be celebrating their underarms and getting their arms in the air."

Featuring the #ArmsUp star graphic on her underarms, the R&B star performed at both Netball World Cup semi finals – and the final itself.

The unique embossment was also on show when Tallia appeared at the Liverpool International Music Festival over the weekend.

She added: “When I’m on stage my arms are all over the place so I want to celebrate underarms."

The research also found six in 10 women have felt ‘judged by others’ – purely based on the appearance of their underarms.

And they also believe ‘underarm pressure’ is ‘ingrained into society’.

This study revealed this burden particularly weighs down younger women – half said they remove underarm hair to conform to society’s standards.

Cassie Lomas, celebrity make-up artist, said: "I was really passionate about joining Dove in the mission to help everyone get rid of inhibitions about their underarms.

"We shouldn’t even worry about them and when I was asked to celebrate the beauty of the underarm with the #ArmsUp applique, I was quick to put my arms up in support.

"Festival season is the perfect time to get creative with glitter, appliques and fashion, so show off your style, underarms and all."

James Griffin, marketing director, Dove Deodorants, said: "As a brand that spearheaded the real beauty movement, we wanted to delve deeply into why women of all ages, but in particular Gen Z, feel constrained and inhibited when it comes to their underarms.

"Our research shows that societal ideals are impacting women’s body confidence and we wanted to turn this on its head and celebrate underarm diversity.

"We’re proud to be partnering with fantastic talent such as Cassie Lomas, Dianne Buswell and Tallia Storm to encourage all women to let go of their inhibitions and put their #ArmsUp."

Dove has released a limited edition #ArmsUp Anti-perspirant spray which is available now at Superdrug stores.

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Love Island villa erupts as Jordan decides to crack on with India

Love Island fans were stunned last night as Jordan Hames revealed his head has been turned by India Reynolds.

And things get even more dramatic in tonight’s show as Love Island 2019’s Jordan, 24, starts trying to crack on with the 28-year-old beauty.

Talking to Curtis Pritchard on tonight’s show, Jordan, who is currently dating Anna Vakili, tells him: “At the time I asked her to be my girlfriend, it felt normal and natural and it was the right thing to do.

“But I feel like I may have rushed into it.”

Talking about his attraction to India, he then adds: “I feel like over the past couple of days I’ve had a few good conversations with India.

“I actually get on with her really well. I’m finding myself looking forward to bumping into her in the villa and having a conversation with her.”

Curtis asks: “Do you think there is anything wrong in your relationship with Anna?”

He replies: “I don’t think there is anything wrong. I do think she can be hot-headed but I knew that anyway. Why am I thinking this now?”

Jordan decides to sleep on things, however it seems like he’s made his mind up in the morning.

He tells Curtis: “I think I’ve confirmed the location of my head… India.”

Curtis quickly fills villa partner Maura Higgins in on the drama, and she is left shocked, replying: “Sorry, what?”

Shortly after Jordan pulls India for a chat and Maura is left fuming that he’s gone to speak to the model before saying anything to Anna.

Maura quickly fills in Anna, telling her: “He’s cracking on with India. He likes India.”

Anna then gets up and heads straight over to Jordan and India’s conversation at the sun deck to get answers.

Eek, we think it’s about to seriously kick off.

Love Island airs weeknights and Sundays on ITV2 at 9pm.

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Incoming: Tom Hanks Made Us All Cry

Inside Giuliani’s Ukrainian campaign to keep Trump in the White House

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, has operated a private foreign back-channel with two unofficial envoys as part of campaign to discredit Trump’s Democratic rivals and undermine Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman reported to Giuliani. The pair repeatedly met with top Ukraine officials and set up meetings for Giuliani to push prosecutors to investigate allegations against Joe Biden, and probe accusations that Ukrainian officials plotted to rig the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton.

But the pair’s work extended to the US too — Parnas and Fruman joined in a successful push that led to the early removal of the ambassador to Ukraine, after she angered their allies in Kiev.

Their work has had an impact: Prosecutors in Kiev announced they would investigate the officials accused of rigging the election — a month after meeting with Parnas, Fruman, and Giuliani.

Read our exclusive investigation.

Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans turned out to demand their governor resign

Yesterday, we reported that in the face of days of demonstrations, Governor Ricardo Rosselló said he will not run for re-election. It was unclear how protesters would respond to that promise.

Today, we can say how they responded: with more protests. After Rosselló did not resign, hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans took to the streets to demand the governor’s resignation.

The protests marked the 10th day of demonstrations against the governor after leaked chats between Rosselló and his closest advisers showed him using misogynistic language to refer to prominent women in politics and making anti-gay jokes.


Boris Johnson will be the UK’s next prime minister. Johnson has won the vote to be the next Tory leader at a pivotal moment in British history, with just 15 weeks until the UK is scheduled to leave the EU and no sign of a solution to the political crisis that crippled Theresa May’s government.

The ICE operation targeting undocumented families that was announced by Trump lead to a few dozen arrests. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers had a target list of around 2,000 family units across the country. According to a Department of Homeland Security official, the action arrested 17 people, along with 18 others who were not specific targets.

Two Louisiana police officers were fired over a Facebook post suggesting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be shot. Officer Charlie Rispoli shared a satirical story about AOC on Facebook, adding “This vile idiot needs a round…..and I don’t mean the kind she used to serve.” Rispoli and fellow officer Angelo Varisco, who liked the post, have both been fired.

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo won’t face charges in connection with a 2009 rape accusation. Las Vegas police reopened an investigation into the alleged sexual assault last year after a German magazine interviewed a woman who said Ronaldo raped her. Police say they will not be bringing charges.

California Baby, a “premium skincare” line for babies and children, accidentally offered moms a promo code for $75 off. The company, which sells organic soap for babies, is in hot water after a promo code offering $75 off its products spread like wildfire among parents on social media.

How to talk to your parents about not sharing your shit online

The internet has introduced a few unique conundrums and social minefields. Among them is this: parents love sharing details about their children’s lives, but when social media is involved, privacy boundaries can be crossed.

In some cases, that can lead to sensationally awkward moments. We talked to family therapists who shared tips on how to talk to — and sometimes confront — parents about the boundaries they might be crossing online.

A big hint: have a plan for exactly what you’re going to say, and don’t spend the whole conversation giving examples of what’s not okay.

As a bonus, the story includes some of those sensationally awkward moments you can read while cringing. Also, if your parents share a little too much about you on the internet, we want to hear about it.

Tom Hanks is playing Mister Rogers in a movie and the trailer will leave you an emotional wreck

Generally, I keep this space in the newsletter for a day-brightening story. Something hopeful and wholesome, if possible.

The trailer for A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood fits the bill perfectly — it is so incredibly wholesome, and don’t say I didn’t warn you about how much you’re going to cry.

How much did I cry, you ask? I will not be taking questions at this time, as I’m still a mess.

  • Elamin Abdelmahmoud is a curation editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto

    Contact Elamin Abdelmahmoud at [email protected]

    Got a confidential tip? Submit it here.

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Lauren Goodger ‘worried posting porn ad has cheapened image’

Lauren Goodger is said to be worried about finding love after she was slammed for trying to recruit girls for "sleazy" webcam jobs.

The reality TV star – who is currently starring on Celebs Go Dating – came under fire after shared an advert on social media offering women £1,000-per-week to strip off and perform sex acts online.

While she has since deleted the ad in question, an insider has revealed that Lauren is now concerned how the controversial move will affect her reputation, and even affect her chances of finding Mr Right.

"She's now worried she could have ruined her chances of finding the right man with all this backlash," a source told Closer.

"She regrets posting the advert, and is worried her reputation has been cheapened, and that it'll have the opposite effect."

They added: "It's her worst nightmare."

In the ad, the former TOWIE star listed the so-called benefits of working as a webcam girl.

She wrote: "London Gems are recruiting webcam moels. Start earning today. Start Immediately.  Full Training Given.

"On Going Support. Work From Home. Free To Join. No Experience Necessary. Get Paid This Tuesday.

"Whatsapp Support Group.  Our Webcam Models Are Taking Home up to £1000+ Every Week."

Fans were furious over the post, with many condemning Lauren for encouraging women to take up sex work.

One commented: "I think you should be ashamed to put your name to this."

Another added: "Supposed to be a role model to people especially the younger ages that look up at you and you’re advertising sleazy crap like this? Should be ashamed."

A third wrote: "Oh my god she’s officially off the rails."

Lauren's recruitment plug comes just months after a 21-year-old woman died performing a sex act for her online client.

Hope Barden died from asphyxia as she performed a sexual act on live webcam for Jerome Dangar.

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Unimpressed toddler gets branded a ‘loser’ on her birthday cake after mix-up

It's an insult favoured by small children and, tellingly, the President of the United States .

That said, most parents probably don't want their two-year-old branded a "loser" on their birthday of all days.

Sadly for mum Melin Jones, this is the situation she was confronted with after a bit of a mix-up with her daughter's birthday cake .

However, despite being presented with a cake that clearly referred to her as a "loser", little Liz still had the best reaction.

Explaining what had happened on Facebook , Melin revealed that she'd called up their local Walmart when ordering the cake.

"Liz's nickname is Lizard. I got her a cake at Walmart & asked the lady to write 'happy Birthday Lizard'.

"I did not look at it. Don't ask me why. As I'm unloading the car I look quickly at it and notice the lady didn't hear 'Lizard' she heard loser."

Accompanying her account of what happened was a photo of a VERY underwhelmed Liz staring, unimpressed at her cake.

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Premier League fantasy football: 7 players that might be worth gambling on at the start of the season

Every year there’s a new and exciting fantasy football hero that everyone simply has to have.

Last season, for example, we had Wolves duo Matt Doherty and Raul Jimenez, who both exceeded expectations in the Premier League and finished up the campaign with well over 180 points apiece on Dream Team.

So who will it be this season?


Here’s the players we think could have a similar surprise effect this time around, and might be worth gambling on from the beginning…

Premier League fantasy football: 7 players that might be worth gambling on at the start of the season

1 Ravel Morrison (£1.5m)

Sheffield United have taken the plunge and offered Morrison his chance of Premier League redemption.

Once described by Sir Alex Ferguson as ‘the best kid you will ever see’, the former Man United starlet was cast out by his boyhood club following a mixture of poor attitude and off-the-pitch trouble, and what followed was a journey through clubs in the Championship before spells in Italy, Mexico and Sweden.

Much has been said of Morrison’s natural talent, but he has never had the focus or dedication to settle anywhere.

Maybe he’ll finally come good at Sheffield and kick the ground running?

2 Rob Holding (£1.5m)

This could be a big season for Arsenal’s young centre-back.

His campaign was prematurely cut-short last year when he suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament back in December, but he looks to be returning to full-fitness during the Gunners pre-season tour and his return to action will be a huge boost for Unai Emery – especially with his side’s issues at centre-back at the moment.

Laurent Koscielny is badgering the club for a move away while Shkodran Mustafi is simply not very good, so Holding could be eyeing a regular spot in the side in 2019/20 and that makes him a bargain for a top six defender.

Play fantasy football in 2019/20

  • You can play THREE different games with Dream Team this season – Season, Weekender and Draft
  • Draft is new for this season and will increase competition among mini leagues

3 Mason Mount (£1.5m)

This looks to be a transitional year for Chelsea under new manager Frank Lampard, with their transfer ban meaning the Blues have been forced to turn to some of their younger players, instead of splash out on pricey new recruits.

Luckily they have a small army of young players waiting to grasp their first-team chance, and Mount will certainly fancy his chances of regular game-time after impressing under Lampard at Derby last term.

Great on ball, adept at set-pieces, and capable of shooting with both feet, Mount is quite different to the other midfielders in Chelsea’s squad, and could become a key figure for them – and your Dream Team – in 2019/20.

4 Reiss Nelson (£2.0m)

In many ways, Nelson will feel like a new signing at Arsenal.

With money tight and former Gunners youth coach Freddie Ljungberg promoted to assist with the first-team, we may see the North London side turn to their youth prospects in the coming season.

Nelson is perhaps the brightest of the lot, having flourished during his loan spell at Hoffenheim last season and will provide something a little different on their flank.

While we don’t expect him to be a first-team regular, he could find himself in and around the team – especially when the Europa League returns, and might be a great source of goals and assists for your Dream Team.

5 Daniel James (£1.0m)

From one pacey winger to another.

Not much was known about James before the beginning of 2019, before he starred in a number of games for Championship side Swansea ahead of a near-move to Leeds in the January transfer window.

But now he’s at Man United as part of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s revolution, and we’re pretty excited to see what he can do.

Obviously it’s a big step up for the Wales international, but he could become a key figure in Ole’s proposed style of play at Old Trafford, and he’s particularly eye-catching from a Dream Team perspective as he’s one of the cheapest players around.

6 Tammy Abraham (£2.0m)

Much like Mount, Abraham could find himself becoming a main-player at Chelsea this season thanks to their transfer ban.

Along with Tammy, the Blues currently have just Olivier Giroud and Michy Batshuayi on their books, with last season’s 16-goal top-scorer Eden Hazard now under the rule of Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid.

With a lack of numbers in attack, Abraham will likely play a big role in Lampard’s attack – although it’s hard to say how effective he’ll be.

He’s had two phenomenal loan spells in the Championship with Bristol City and Aston Villa – netting a combined 52 goals in those two seasons – but only managed five goals in the Prem with Swansea a couple of years ago.

7 Rhian Brewster (£1.5m)

Liverpool’s 19-year-old wonderkid is looking to make up for lost time this season after a serious injury back in 2018.

Seemingly back to full fitness and ready to show us all what he can do, Brewster’s already netted four times during Liverpool’s pre-season run so far.

With Daniel Sturridge leaving at the end of last season and Sadio Mane set to start the campaign on the bench following his exhausting summer at the African Cup of Nations – Brewster could find himself playing regularly for the Reds.

With some gaps in their attack at the start of the season coupled with his impressive pre-season form – he might even be worth picking for your Dream Team early-on, especially considering how low his price is.

What are the best fantasy team names?

Picking your team name is just as important as assembling your squad in the first place.

Witty? Original? Anything but Neville Wears Prada for the 12th year in a row?

We’ve created an extensive list of classics which might help you decide if you’re struggling…

Who are the most expensive players on fantasy football?

This season Mo Salah and Sergio Aguero lead the way on £7.5m, with Harry Kane nicely placed just behind on £7m.

For the full player list click here.


Check out the latest fantasy football news







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Former London Mayor Boris Johnson to Become New British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson is set to become Britain’s new prime minister, delighting fans of the controversial former mayor of London but dismaying critics who fear that he is intent on pulling the country out of the European Union without a deal in place.

Dismissed by detractors as a buffoon, Johnson will take the reins as premier Wednesday, replacing Theresa May and fulfilling a nearly lifelong ambition to move into 10 Downing St. He beat out Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt to become leader of the Conservative Party – and, by extension, prime minister, because the Conservatives hold sway in Parliament – in an internal party election. In effect, about 159,000 Conservative Party members, most of them white and middle-aged or older, decided who would lead the United Kingdom’s 66 million people.

The result of that party poll was announced Tuesday. Johnson received 92,153 votes, and Hunt garnered 46,656.

His biggest immediate task will be to figure out how to withdraw Britain from the E.U. in an orderly fashion by the deadline of Oct. 31. The Brexit deal struck between May and the E.U. was voted down by Parliament three times, which forced her to step down.

Johnson campaigned for Brexit before the 2016 referendum and has pledged that the U.K. would leave the E.U. by Oct. 31, “do or die.” Although he contends that he can wrest a better deal from the E.U., time is extremely short, and European officials have taken a dim view of reopening negotiations. If no new agreement is struck, Johnson says he is prepared to let the U.K. stumble out of the union without a deal, which many analysts and officials warn would result in economic catastrophe. Britain’s Office for Budget Responsibility estimates that the economy would shrink by 2% within a year.

Speaking after the result of the leadership election was announced, Johnson acknowledged the challenge of maintaining a deep partnership with the rest of Europe while declaring Britain’s independence from it. But he declared that he and his fellow Conservatives were up to it.

“Do you look daunted? Do you feel daunted?” he asked the audience of Conservative Party members. “I don’t think you look remotely daunted to me.”

Like Donald Trump – who has praised Johnson as a good politician – Johnson is an extremely divisive figure. To his supporters, he brings a populist touch to politics and a disarming charm with his messy mop of blond hair, his fondness for bon mots and his British boosterism. To his detractors, Johnson is an unprincipled opportunist with no goal except achieving power, whose performance as London mayor and as British foreign secretary was marred by embarrassing gaffes, an indifference to the details of governing and a tendency to make extravagant but empty promises.

“He connects with the public in a way that other politicians have not done for a long number of years,” Malcolm Rifkind, a former Conservative Cabinet minister, told the BBC. “But…it doesn’t work when you’re dealing in negotiations with the chancellor of Germany or the president of France or whosoever it might be.”

Some of Johnson’s sharpest critics come from his own party. Some senior Conservatives have warned that they would be willing to bring down their own party in government if that is what it would take to stop Johnson from taking Britain out of the E.U. without a deal. Shortly before the result of the party leadership election was announced Tuesday morning, an education minister resigned, saying she could not serve in a Johnson administration.

Johnson’s personal life has also come under scrutiny. In 2004, he lied to fellow members of Parliament and the public about an extramarital affair. In recent weeks, Johnson has refused to say how many children he has fathered.

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Kim Basinger Freaks Out Over Daughter Ireland Baldwin’s NSFW Post – See Her Comment

The 23-year-old model posts on Instagram a naked picture of late actress Romy Schneider, but the Academy Award-winning actress apparently thinks the woman in the picture is her daughter.

AceShowbizIreland Baldwin apparently has gotten herself a new hobby, and that is making her parents freak out. Less than a week after putting dad Alec Baldwin and uncle Billy Baldwin in an awkward position, the model successfully scared her mother Kim Basinger when she posted on Instagram a naked picture of someone who wasn’t even herself.

Taking to the photo-sharing platform, Ireland shared a picture of late actress Romy Schneider lying in bed naked with her backside showing. Since the photo was taken from afar and half of her face was covered, some of her followers believed that the woman in the picture was Ireland. Among them was Kim, who clearly freaked out over the photo.

Ireland Baldwin posted a picture of Romy Schneider going naked.

“What ??? What ???? Where ??? Where ??? Who ???? Who??? Your MOM….,” the Academy Award-winning actress commented underneath the post, adding an angry face emoji. Other followers also were not happy with the post, even though she didn’t post a picture of herself. “You’re giving parents heart attacks. You’re so beautiful and I’m sure talented too why seek negative attention by posting vulgar stuff,” one wrote, while another quipped, “I can hear your dad screaming again.”

This arrived just days after she made both Alec and Billy shocked with an Instagram photo of her going nearly naked while standing on the balcony of her hotel room overlooking New York City. Expressing his displeasure with the photo, the “Saturday Night Live” star couldn’t help but comment, “I’m sorry. What?” Meanwhile, Billy explained why he wasn’t one of the over 29,000 people who liked the photo. He wrote, “Tough one for Uncle Billy to ‘like’ #awkward.”

Ireland has also been called out by Alec when she posted on the social media site a photo of her leaning forward on top of a motorcycle while wearing a black bra and matching bottoms. The “30 Rock” alum commented on the snap at the time, “No. Just… No.”

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The Bachelorette Takes Luke Parker Down

Know when to leave, dude. 

Tonight’s The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special was a little different than it typically is, because there was really only one man causing the majority of the drama this season, so there was mainly one man who needed to take a seat up on stage next to Chris Harrison. This was especially true after we saw the beautifully disastrous end to his time on the show last week, when he shamed Hannah for her sex life. 

Then this week, in the brief but incredible bit of footage shown to us before Men Tell All, we saw that it wasn’t actually the end of Luke’s time on the show. The actual end was him showing back up at the rose ceremony he was not supposed to be at, demanding that Hannah let him talk. In one of the best moments, Hannah picked up the table pull of roses and moved it to be behind him. 

That still didn’t get the guy to leave of course, because he still needed “clarity” and didn’t believe Hannah could give him up, and needed her to look him in the eyes and say that. He even had a ring in his pocket, but he never pulled it out. Finally, he left, and we saw him walk away forever. 

And by “forever” we meant until the taping of Men Tell All, which he was fully present for even if it was a very, very bad time for him that accomplished very little. Somehow this man sat and endured the whole thing, including a lengthy grilling from Chris Harrison, an audience that was clearly not on his side, accusations that he’s a narcissist who controls women, and a whole panel of men who basically just wanted to say “f–k you, man.” 

And somehow we/Chris Harrison/all the guys/the audience all sat and endured: 

-Endless silences that were more terrifying than peaceful, in responses to questions like “are you a narcissist?” and “do you control women?” 

-The words “let me just clarify” and “let me go back” on constant repeat 

-Lines like “I felt like I was on a rescue mission for Hannah. That’s how I like to look at it.” (He clarified that he wanted to rescue Hannah from the other guys, as if that made it better.) 

-Luke saying “If I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing.” He went back and amended that statement, but it definitely came out of his mouth. 

-“I want a woman that will make decisions for herself and won’t need me when I’m there, although a man is supposed to lead and guide a woman in a relationship.” 

-“Think about what you’re asking” he said in response to Chris’s question about whether it was hypocritical to shame Hannah for her sex life when he’s no virgin either. 

-He tried to tell Hannah she told him she wouldn’t use the fantasy suites for sex, while she countered that she told him the fantasy suites aren’t designed just for sex. 

After the Tell All taping, Chris Harrison told us that while he had an idea of where he wanted the conversation to go, but “With Luke, I really didn’t know. I didn’t know his mindset. He hadn’t talked to us. He kind of cut us off as producers, but I respect the fact he showed up tonight to sit down and have a discussion with me.” 

Harrison says he was careful to make sure the talk was “a real discussion.” 

“I think he wanted to make it contentious. I think it would have made it easier for him, if I had taken my shots and it had escalated and everyone started yelling, that would’ve taken the onus off him,” he says. “I’m a parent of two teenage kids, so I know better. So I stayed true and I stayed to this conversation I wanted to have, and I found it fascinating.” 


As for all that silence, which often followed Harrison’s relatively simple questions, he says he thinks Luke was overthinking his image. 

“He took a lot of pauses, took a lot of time to think,” he says. “I think he was thinking too much about what he wanted to be heard saying as opposed to speaking from his heart.” 

So was the convo a success? 

“I was hoping to get a little bit more truth out of him and his feelings, as opposed to, this is what I want to be seen as.” 

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The Bachelorette will air Monday and Tuesday next week at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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