16 “Rocko’s Modern Life” Jokes That Went Way, Way Over Your Head As A Kid

1.The time Rocko became a phone sex operator. 2.When Rocko, Heffer and Filburt played a friendly game of spank the monkey. 3.And when they watched this movie. 4.When Heffer and Rocko went to this demo pit. 5.The name of Rocko’s fave restaurant. 6.And this donut shop. 7.This meal and its effect on people. 8.This episode […]

16 Celeb Couple Pics That'll Have You Feeling The Looooovvvveee

1.J.Lo posted this pic of her and A-Rod living their best life while riding a camel. https://instagram.com/p/B0q-qt0gVrt/ 2.The Royal Family shared this pic of Prince Harry and Queen Meghan for her birthday. Such style, such grace… https://instagram.com/p/B0vBJirnjEA/ 3.Thomas Doherty shared this quick snapshot of him and Dove Cameron. Their love is too pure for this […]

16 "Dirty" Graphic Design Fails That'll Make You Chuckle Like A Seventh Grader

1.“Shoemaker”: 2.Customer experience analytics! 3.I <3 gym: 4.Please have ticket or (p)ass ready: 5.Finger licking Anu’s kitchen! 6.“Clock” but, like, modern! 7.Low!!! Sodium!!!!!!! 8.Hit the Spot……………..Yum! 9.This “Two” cake topper — perfect for a toddler’s birthday party! 10.Yup! 11.Vicious Incorporated, established 2015!!!!!!! 12.Help feed the world’s hungry 😌: 13.…………: 14.WISE 👏 MEN 👏 STILL 👏 […]

16 Starbucks Name Fails That Prove No Name Is Safe

1.“Jim”: 2.“Oliver”: 3.“Arielle”: 4.“Christopher with a ‘PH’”: 5.“Janice”: 6.“Daniel”: 7.“Rebecca”: 8.“Curt”: 9.“Karla”: 10.“Jess”: 11.“Shauna”: 12.“Kendall”: 13.“Bianca”: 14.“Laurel”: 15.“Rose”: 16.And lastly, “Uhhh…Kevin”: Has a Starbucks barista ever spelled your name horribly, HORRIBLY wrong? If so, post it in the comments!!! Source: Read Full Article