Do Women Know Enough About the Pill?

At a time where lack of accessibility to birth control and abortion are major political issues, any suggestion that the pill may not be a good idea feels risky, as though our only choices are accepting whatever is offered or losing it all together. But in the new science-based book This Is Your Brain on Birth […]

Demi Moore 'Enjoys Her Life More' After Reconciling with Her Daughters

Demi Moore is in a happy and healthy place with her three daughters, after working to rebuild her relationships with them following a few years of “chaos.” According to The New York Times the actress, 56, admits in her new memoir Inside Out that she struggled mentally and physically in the years following her breakup with ex-husband Ashton […]

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody: Rami Malek’s amazing SECRET trick to playing Freddie Mercury

It was quite an extraordinary performance. No wonder Malek scooped up every award in sight, including the BAFTA, Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Actor. The star has previously revealed how he had a movement coach and studied hours of footage of Freddie, both performing on stage and also during interviews and more intimate moments. […]