El Camino theory: Is THIS Jesse Pinkman’s turning point in Breaking Bad? ‘I’m the bad guy’

Next month El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie hits Netflix. Set directly after the series finale Felina, the film will follow Jessie Pinkman in his pursuit of freedom. Star Aaron Paul previously shared a key scene between the meth cook and Walter White to tease what fans can expect. The scene from Breaking Bad season […]

Avengers Endgame time travel SLAMMED by Terminator Dark Fate director over THIS

Time travel movies has been a staple of sci-fi cinema for years, but there have always been different rules. Can you change the past like in Back to the Future or is everything fixed? But then came Avengers Endgame which rewrote the rule book on movie time travel by actually being scientifically accurate. Despite Ant-Man’s […]