11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

We’ve reached the climax of summer. As we switch gears from shaking out beach towels to packing school lunches, we hope you find a moment to reflect on the shifting seasons and enjoy some of our best journalism. 1. The Amazon, Siberia, Indonesia: A World of Fire The growing intensity of wildfires and their spread […]

If You've Done 17/22 Of These Things, You're Really Clumsy

Disney / Fox / BuzzFeed Dropped your phone on your faceDropped your phone on your face Walked into a really clean glass doorWalked into a really clean glass door Walked into a glass door that’s not that cleanWalked into a glass door that’s not that clean Been banned from eating in your parents’ and friends’ carsBeen banned from eating […]

R. Kelly wants out of solitary confinement while awaiting trial

R. Kelly is trapped in a jail cell. Lawyers for the embattled former R&B star filed an emergency motion on Thursday arguing he should be released from solitary confinement while awaiting trial on child pornography charges. Kelly is getting no sunlight, no “meaningful interaction with other humans,” limited email access and is allowed to shower […]

If You Don't Find Any Of These 40 Pictures Nostalgic, I Honestly Feel Bad For You

1.Glorious orange tapes: 2.The rush of finding what you’re looking for behind its box: 3.The alpha and the omega of playgrounds: 4.The most powerful words in the english language: 5.The excitement of finding out if you won: 6.Designing the perfect album art after burning a CD: 7.Sitting in one of these chairs from the 1800s […]

Prince Harry Accused of Being 'Preachy and Detached': Will He Lose His 'Prince of the People' Image?

Prince Harry’s popularity may be on the decline, as people are finding him less warm and lovely and more “preachy and detached” recently. What’s changed the public’s perception of him and is there a way for him to improve his image? Royal experts weighed in on the matter, with the most recent criticism of Harry […]

If You Recognize 50/52 Of These Album Covers, You're 100% A Millennial

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite album cover from the ’90s or ’00s. Let’s see how many of these classics you recognize! Image: Via MCA Records Enema of the State by Blink-182 Via MCA Records Enema of the State by Blink-182Via MCA RecordsImage: Via Jive Records …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears […]