Trace Adkins Marries Victoria Pratt in Ceremony Officiated by Blake Shelton

The country music singer exchanges wedding vows with his actress in nuptials officiated by ‘The Voice’ judge, four years after divorcing his third wife in 2015. AceShowbiz -Country star Trace Adkins is a married man again after tying the knot with actress Victoria Pratt. The “Ladies Love Country Boys” hitmaker and Pratt wed in New […]

We Can't Stop Watching Chrissy's Video of John Legend & Miles Playing Piano

What did the world do to entertain itself before Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram existed? Teigen posted a video of John Legend’s piano duet with son Miles on Sunday, and our lives have not been the same since. Between Legend’s unreal musical talents (that voice!) and little Miles serving up 1-year-old cuteness, it’s some of Teigen’s best […]

Make A Halloween Potion And We'll Tell You Your Soulmate's First Name

John-Mark Smith on Unsplash Alexey Ruban on Unsplash Tikkho Maciel on Unsplash Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash Benedikt Geyer on Unsplash Dan Gold on Unsplash Ilze Lucero on Unsplash Aaron Itzerott on Unsplash Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash Levi Saunders on Unsplash Jorge Fernandez on Unsplash Joseph Chan on Unsplash Kristian Terziev on Unsplash Luke Southern on […]

Plan A Fall-Themed Meal And We'll Reveal The Biggest Secret Your BFF Is Keeping From You

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