‘Living Undocumented’ Shows What It’s Really Like To Live In Fear Of Deportation

Immigration policy has preoccupied the national consciousness since 2016, when Donald Trump was elected on the promise to build a wall. The dilemma posed to the producers of Netflix’s Living Undocumented, then, was how to make a compelling, critical show about a story America’s been watching unfold for years. What’s left to say? For co-director […]

Geri Horner transforms into White Spice as she ditches colourful clothes in favour of ‘ladylike’ white outfits – The Sun

GERI Horner has transformed into White Spice – after ditched her colourful wardrobe in favour of a all-white palette. Sources close to the Spice Girl, 46, say she has decided to avoid wearing colour going forward. And she is said to be delighted with her “clean and ladylike” new look. Ginger Spice, who is married […]