13 Reasons Why season 4 CANCELLED: Massive bombshell as ending revealed

13 Reasons Why owner Netflix announced the third season of the show shortly after its second season was released.

While no release date had previously been announced, today Deadline has reported season three will be arriving on Netflix August 23.

With the show just a short number of weeks away, viewers will no-doubt be getting excited for the next piece of the Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langsford) puzzle.

However that isn’t all the news for the show, as a fourth season has also been announced for the teen drama, and it will be the final one.

It isn’t all good news, though, as it was also confirmed that season four will be the final outing for the show.

Season one of the show saw the life and death of Hannah Baker after her traumatic time in high school.

Season two saw the fallout from this death, and also delved into the world of Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice), who was accused of sexually abusing a number of women at the school. 

It was widely speculated what season three would bring to the table, and now the newly released trailer has revealed it will tackle Bryce’s mysterious death. 

Although this mystery has just been introduced, the confirmation of the fourth season has now dropped a number of further questions into the mix. 

With currently no idea why Bryce has been killed, nor any suspects in the firing line just yet, fans of the show will certainly be speculating over what is going to happen. 

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The final scenes of season two saw Tyler Down (Devin Druid) being attacked in the bathroom, before arriving at his school prom with an assortment of guns. 

It was then speculated that Tyler would be the focus of season three, as he had been through so much trauma before the end of the season.

Although this now seems unlikely, he may still be the culprit for the murder of Bryce when all is said and done. 

Recently viewers were shocked to hear that Netflix had edited one of the most controversial scenes out of the show. 

Season one’s final episode featured Hannah taking her own life with gruesome detail. 

But after a huge amount of backlash, Netflix removed the scene almost two years after it had originally aired. 

This may be a step towards a more tame show, and with season three now on the horizon, viewers may not be put up against such graphic scenes in the upcoming episodes. 

13 Reasons Why has been released once a year for the past three years, with the third season on its way in a few weeks time. 

It then makes sense for fans to presume that season four may arrive in the summer of 2020, if the show were to stay on the same schedule. 

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13 Reasons Why season 3 will arrive 23 August on Netflix. 

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