A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton hits back at buyers ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover!’

A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton hits back at buyers ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover!’

A Place in the Sun guests raise parking concerns with Laura

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Channel 4 presenter Laura Hamilton toured Gran Canaria in A Place In The Sun, hoping to find the perfect holiday home for her guests. She guided potential buyers Sean and Ian around several properties in a bid to find their dream home. Armed with a budget of £125,000, Laura had a challenge finding a property that suited all of their needs. When the couple quickly raised concerns about one property, the presenter hit back asking them to not “judge” before seeing the inside.

Sean and Ian made it clear they were looking for a holiday home with a minimum of two bedrooms, some outdoor space and good parking.

Hoping to find somewhere that would meet all their needs, Laura whisked the couple off to the first property.

When they arrived at property number one, Laura explained it was a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms.

Sean and Ian were impressed by the holiday home which was under their budget, priced at around £114,500.

The second property Laura showed the couple was a stylish penthouse with two bedrooms and a terrace.

Sean and Ian noted that they liked the modern feel of the property and the outdoor space, however they weren’t sure it was the right fit for them.

The penthouse was also sadly just over their budget, on the market for around £127,000.

However, it was property number three where Laura made a big mistake causing the buyers to raise some concerns.

Standing outside the third property, Laura excitedly asked: “What do we think of this location?”

“I like the location. I’m not seeing any parking,” Ian remarked, making it clear he was worried.

A frustrated Laura conceded: “Right, there is no parking with this property.

“However, there are plenty of side streets that you can park on. It does have something else which I think you’re going to love and that’s a huge terrace.

“What are your thoughts as you stand here looking at the property?” She asked.

However, Sean quickly raised another issue: “There’s not a lot to look at from the outside is there? It’s just the door.”

Laura hit back, defending the bungalow: “But, think back to the first property. You were so surprised weren’t you when you walked through the door and you were like ‘Oh this is a TARDIS’.

“So, don’t judge a book by its cover,” the presenter insisted.

Laura told Ian and Sean that the property had three bedrooms and was on the market for just under £123,500.

Unfortunately, after looking around the holiday home the couple still weren’t convinced it was their dream home.

After also being unimpressed by Laura’s next two offerings, Sean and Ian decided to take a second look at the first property.

As the episode came to an end Laura revealed the couple had an offer rejected by the sellers of the first property but were still negotiating.

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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