A run-down on Line of Duty’s crime boss Tommy Hunter after Jo Davidson DNA match

Line of Duty fans were left speechless on Sunday night after they were faced with another nail-biting cliffhanger at the end of the show.

Many viewers were already on edge from last week’s episode due to AC-12 officers administering a forensic sweep of Farida Jatri’s house, which allowed them to discover DCI Jo Davidson’s (Kelly Macdonald) DNA.

The DNA was later partially matched to a "nominal" stored on other police databases that was apparently a blood relative.

After episode four’s cliffhanger, fans had already been speculating on who Davidson’s DNA could be a match for.

Due to the fact that Davison tried to hide her family history since the first episode, many Line Of Duty fans believed that it may be someone who has strong connections with police misconduct and corruption.

On Sunday night’s episode, the speculation held by many fans were finally confirmed when it was discovered that Davidson’s DNA matched notorious villain, Tommy Hunter.

Some Fans may remember the organised crime kingpin from the beginning during season one and two of the crime thriller.

Hunter played by actor Brian McArdie, was a bad apple in the show from the start.

He first appeared in the series as an angry voice at the end of a burner phone but Tommy was also the main culprit in organised crime, a known paedophile and the first to lead the OCG gang, who later groomed Matthew "Dot" Cottan while he worked as a golf caddy.

In series two Dot joined the police on the gang’s behalf. On Dot’s advice, however, Hunter agreed to enter into witness protection and began working as an informant. His name was also changed to Alex Campbell.

But fears from his criminal associates started to grow as they believed that Hunter may inform on them and ordered embedded fixer Cottan to have him silenced for good.

In series two, Cotton orchestrated the ambush that provided a heated action sequence.

DI Lindsay Denton played by Keeley Hawes was the sole survivor, left alive to take the blame.

Hunter was also injured but not dead yet, as he was later killed by a corrupt cop while in intensive care.

Since the death of Hunter, his name has repeatedly cropped up in AC-12's investigations and has been a key fixture for at last three series.

Last night, several viewers suspected that Hunter is secretly the father of Jo Davidson, though there is only 14 years between the two Hunter is a known sexual abuser which led fans to believe it to be him.

This would also explain the fact that Jo appeared angry and snapped at ex-girlfriend Sgt Farida Jatri played by Anneika Rose saying she "doesn't have a family”. It would also give the character valid reasons as to why she is desperate to hide her past.

As the plot thickens, many Line Of Duty fans believe that this storyline could be the key to unlocking it all.

After the Hunter revelation, some fans took to Twitter to react to the news as one viewer penned: "I knew it was going to be Tommy Hunter I said it last week [crying face emoji]."

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