Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary have ‘first fight’ in This Morning phone spat

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Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary admitted to having their "first tiff" live on-air on Tuesday's edition of This Morning, ahead of a holiday segment.

ITV bosses decided to send Alison on holiday to Madeira, filming a segment from the Portuguese island to take advantage of the lifting of travel restrictions.

When she was in the airport, Alison said she sent Dermot a video to watch – but he failed to pay attention to the whole thing.

The pair launched into conversation on the show, arguing about who is better at watching each others' social media videos, forgetting the cameras were rolling.

Alison exclaimed: “I know for a fact you didn’t watch the video. You didn’t watch the video to know that I didn’t sneeze.

“So he always watches my videos but doesn’t watch them to the end because he gets so bored.”

“I watch the first five seconds, I get the jist,” Dermot argued, trying to defend himself.

Alison hit back: “That’s not enough! You’ve got to watch them to the end babe! Most of the time they’re just a minute. Have you not got a minute of my time.

“I feel like this is our first tiff live on air to the nation. I watch all your videos!”

Thankfully, the pair soon patched things up, with Dermot admitting he'd actually watched Alison's video in full.

"And also I watched all of that video of yours," he said. "I enjoy watching you."

Later, they sat back and watched a video compilation of Alison's trip to Madeira, which saw her sip on cocktails and local wine, before heading up a mountain in a cable car.

"Are you jealous?" Alison asked her co-star after they'd witnessed the sun-soaked footage play out before them.

Dermot admitted he was a "little bit" jealous, clearly hoping he'd get chosen to film a holiday segment next.

This Morning airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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