All Creatures Great and Small Siegfried star on element of drama he wont miss No way

All Creatures Great and Small Siegfried star on element of drama he wont miss No way

All Creatures Great and Small: Season two trailer

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Tristan Farnon (played by Callum Woodhouse) and Siegfried Farnon (Sam West) recently returned to television screens with the second season of All Creatures Great and Small. Fans of the Channel 5 drama were thrilled to see the characters back on screen however Siegfried star Samuel has revealed there’s one element of the series he won’t miss now filming has wrapped up. 

Reflecting on the product of the second season, Samuel admitted familiarising himself with Siegfried’s cigar proved to be difficult.

The character is rarely seen without his pipe in his hand but Samuel noted this was a challenge. 

He said: “So few people do, these days, but Siegfried loves his briar, so I had to learn to handle the thing as well.

“Very odd, because it’s a strange ‘prop’. You have it in your mouth, and you also use it to gesture with your hands.

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“And then there’s that thing of saying the right word as you breathe, and on the proper pause.”

“To add to all of that, I gave up smoking 15 years ago,” he added.

Samuel lives in London with playwright Laura Wade and their two daughters. 

The actor revealed he had to practice using the pipe while at home. 

“I’d go out into the garden at home and I’d fill up the bowl with a mix called Honeyrose, which has absolutely no tobacco in it,” he explained. 

“And I’d stand there, puffing away and practising in the evening air, talking to myself and ruminating about this and that. 

“It was really quite pleasant, soothing and rather calming. But there’s no way I’m going to take it up full time.”

Samuel went on to address an “excruciating” accident that occurred doing filming. 

The scene in question involved the actor taking part in the annual Darrowby cricket match.

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“I still don’t know how I did it but I trotted out, twisted something in my leg, and snapped my Achilles tendon,” he explained. 

“It was excruciating, but I was so aware that the scene had to be ‘in the can’ to finish shooting, that I went on for a short while with it strapped up simply, and then they had to devise a way of getting me on screen, fairly static, and from the waist up.

“The result is that, in order for it all to heal, I’ve been in a leg cast for about four months. You just have to grin – and limp on with it.”

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Meanwhile, All Creatures Great and Small fans have praised the “chemistry” between the Farnon brothers. 

@NomadicWriter tweeted: “Absolutely loving the sibling tensions between Siegfried and Tristram. That on-screen chemistry is magical. #AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall.”

“Robert Hardy was always to be a tough act to follow but @exitthelemming Sam West masters Siegfried. #allcreaturesgreatandsmall And here speaks a resident of Darrowby. #My5,” @rexy100 added.

@WatchingTVnFilm wrote: “Really good casting, Siegfried and Tristan could easily be brothers #AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall.”

All Creatures Great and Small continues on ITV on Thursday at 9pm.

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