Amber Davies left 'horrified' as Chloe Ferry accuses her of having sex with ex Sam Gowland in emotional video

AMBER Davies has been left "horrified" after Chloe Ferry publicly accused her of having sex with ex Sam Gowland just one day after they split.

Chloe, 23, lashed out at the Love Island beauty in a series of emotional videos that she posted to her Instagram Story.

Filming herself for the social media post, Chloe is visibly shaking as she admits that she has found out something that has "really, really" hurt her.

The TV favourite also revealed that she has still been sleeping with Sam amid their rocky on/ off relationship.

She told fans: "I've been very, very quiet about the whole situation about me and Sam but there's a lot of things people don't know.

"I feel ill. I've come in and gone to get on the laptop because I am moving out as me and Sam are living together, sharing a bed together, having sex.

"I'm still in love with him.

"I went to go on my laptop to look for houses and a girl he'd been messaging when we have been going to bed together and sleeping together popped up.

"I cried in bed last night, and I said to him do you promise you're not texting anyone else and he lied to us. I'd have had more respect for him if he was honest."

Chloe then addressed Amber Davies, admitting that she heard the brunette beauty had slept with Sam the day after they split up.

However, Chloe asked both parties directly and they denied the rumour.

Inbetween sobs, Chloe said: "I believed her for so long, that it wasn't true, but I had my doubts.

"One day after we broke up, you had sex with her… I looked at the laptop and it's f***ing true!

"He's making me look like a bad person.

"Basically, Sam and Amber lied to us because I found messages on the laptop… Do I have 'mug' on my f***ing head?!"

She continued: "Not only have I found messages on Sam's laptop that he has been messaging other people while we have been in bed together, I also found out the day after we finished he had sex with Amber Davies.

"Literally so soul-destroying, it hurts so much.

"What an idiot I am."

Chloe then accused Sam of gaslighting her, encouraging her followers not to let a man make them feel as though they are crazy.

After her Instagram breakdown, Chloe took to Twitter where she retweeted an old selfie of Amber's that the star had captioned: "Looking at my boyfriend who doesn’t yet know he’s my boyfriend."

Chloe wrote: "Aye, after you shagged mine!"


Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, a source revealed that Amber has been left "horrified" by Chloe's claims.

The insider told us: "There is no truth to this at all. Sam and Amber are horrified that Chloe is making these claims publicly as it isn't true.

"Sam and Amber are nothing more than friends and they haven't ever been more than that."

A rep for Amber declined to comment when approached by The Sun Online.

Meanwhile, Sam took to his Instagram Story to accuse Chloe of lying, sharing a mocked-up image of her holding an Oscar with the caption: "Award winning performance."

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