Amelia and Dan plan to flee the country in Emmerdale spoilers

Amelia and Dan plan to flee the country in Emmerdale spoilers

The latest Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Amelia Spencer and her father Dan are to flee the country. In recent weeks Dan's life has fallen apart after he attacked Amelia's stalker Lloyd Sawyer.

Dan punched Lloyd after he arrived in the village, and as he fell to the floor, he whacked his head on a rock, leaving him unconscious. After that, Lloyd was in a coma for weeks, and Dan was charged and pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm.

However, things went from bad to worse for Dan on Thursday, 3 August, when Lloyd passed away. As a result, he has been charged with manslaughter and is facing the prospect of many years inside.

This week, as Dan tries to prepare for the future, but Amelia is convinced that there is another option that they can take, so they can stay together.

Desperate not to lose her dad, Amelia suggests that she and her dad, alongside Amelia's daughter Esther Spencer go on the run. Not sure about her plan, Dan protests against Amelia's plan as he tries to face up to what he has done.

Despite that, Amelia insists that they can run away to Ireland, so they can be together as a family. Will Dan give in and run away from his upcoming sentencing?

Elsewhere in the village, after blackmailing Caleb Milligan for a job, Nate Robinson is ready to start his new job at the cab firm. Caleb hands Nate over to Corey, and Corey tells Nate that there are ways to make cash on the side in his new job.

When Corey's client Harry arrives, Nate seems to make a good impression as he is impressed by the new employee. It's not long before Nate returns to the office with a big tip.

He confirms to Corey that Caleb doesn't need to know about the big tip, which will help Nate who has been struggling for cash.

Completing a drama-filled episode on Monday night, Gabby Thomas is looking back on her drunken day last week. When she was drunk last Thursday, she tried to kiss Billy Fletcher, but he pushed her away.

He then decided that he wouldn't tell his wife, Dawn, about what happened with Gabby, much to her relief. However, as she looks back, she decides that she is desperate to get out of Emmerdale.

She is fighting her new attraction for Billy, and as they live together that could be difficult.

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