Amy Winehouse was ‘secret Countdown buff’ and was hooked on watching quiz show

Amy Winehouse was a secret Countdown buff who was hooked on watching the telly quiz show.

The tragic singer was a whizz at Channel 4’s numbers and letters contests.

Her friend Tyler James said: “She loved words: Amy would watch Countdown and get every single conundrum right.

“She’d sit by herself doing Sudoku, faster than anybody else, was always doing word puzzles, book after book.”

The Back To Black star died aged 27 in July 2011 after years battling drugs and booze addictions.

In his new book, My Amy, Tyler said the singer even danced when Countdown came on the box.

He added: “She still had puzzle books on the go, lying around the flat, and she still watched Countdown.

“When it came on, she used to jump up off the sofa to sing the opening theme tune – doo-roo, doo-roo, doodle-oo-doo, dum! – and do a stupid dance to it, wiggling her bum.”

Fans have lapped up Tyler’s untold stories of the music legend.

But Amy’s family are said to feel “betrayed” following the release of the tell-all book.

  • Amy Winehouse one-off documentary to air on BBC 10 years after singer's death

They had planned to mark the tenth anniversary of the singer’s death with a documentary.

Her parents, Janis and Mitch, are said to feel Tyler’s memoir is “off the mark”.

A source reportedly said: “Tyler had been close since his early teens and they considered him one of their own. But they weren’t told or ­consulted about this book.”

A spokesman for the Winehouses confirmed: “Amy’s parents are disappointed that Tyler has gone ahead with this book without consulting them, and dispute many of his claims.”

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