Antiques Road Trip's Izzie Balmer leaves fans stunned as she reveals hidden talent NOBODY saw coming

ANTIQUES Road Trip's Izzie Balmer is not just a whiz when it comes to spotting vintage treasures.

Izzie, 31, co-presents the BBC show as an antiques expert but stunned fans when she revealed her secret hobby.

She normally works as a head valuer at the Wessex Auction rooms in Wiltshire and when she's not there is keeps very busy as a beekeeper.

The expert shared a photo of herself to social media dressed in a full beekeepers protective suit.

Lizzie held her arms up as she smiled wildly from behind her mesh helmet.

"I'm ready for you Bees 🐝 💪," she captioned the post, later admitting she'd love to have her own beehive one day.

Her fans loved the cute photo and how happy she looked in her new hobby.

"You look like you’re buzzing," wrote one Instagram user.

Another added: "Lucky bees 😊 I’m sure your both buzzing."

And a third wrote: "Looking good honey. 😍❤️🙌👏🐝🐝🐝🐝💛💛💛💛"

Izzie joined Antiques Road Trip in its ninth series and will also front the new series of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip soon.

The antiques experts join forces with famous faces to find valuable treasures to raise money for charity.

Some celebrities confirmed so far for the show include Trisha Goddard and Good Morning Britain's Dr Amir Khan.

Izzie's new hobby came after she recently admitted she needed to 'trust my gut more'.

She found a monkey brooch in Kent while shopping with fellow expert Philip Serrell in a recent episode of the BBC show.

The brooch was priced at £22 and Izzie explained it would be worth a lot more if it had been Victorian.

She said: "This is not Victorian and the reason I know this is because the quality just isn’t there.

Izzie then noticed an issue, adding: "Unfortunately, I’ve just spotted there is a little marcasite missing here."

Despite this, she haggled with the shop owner and bought the brooch for £15, before taking it to auction later in the show.

The bidding opened at £50, leaving her open-mouthed with shock.

Phil said: "Well and truly smacked, well done you."

The brooch ended up selling for £80, making a £65 profit.

Izzie said: "Okay well this rarely happens, I’m lost for words. I need to trust my gut instinct more."

Antiques Road Trip airs on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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