Antiques Roadshow guests gasps at unbelievable valuation of whiskey

Antiques Roadshow guests gasps at unbelievable valuation of whiskey

Antiques Roadshow: Whiskey bottles valued at £7k each

An Antiques Roadshow guest was in disbelief as she was informed two bottles of whiskey which had been stored in her loft for decades were worth up to £7,000 each.

Expert John Foster took a look at the three bottles of Johnnie Walker brought in by the guest to the BBC show and was delighted to find out more.

“It’s quite unusual to see three bottles like this not in a collection, so tell me where they came from,” he stated.

“They’ve been in my possession for 50 years, but they came into our house in the 1950s,” the owner of the items replied.

She continued: “My grandfather brought them home one day, to the horror of my grandmother, and said, ‘Look what I’ve got. The landlord was closing his pub down and said, ‘Would you like these bottles?’

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“And he said yes and she said, ‘What am I going to do with those?’ and they’ve been put away ever since.”

“So tucked away in a cupboard or in the attic?” John probed.

When the guest explained they had been in the attic, he remarked: “So when you say they’ve been put away in the attic that’s not great because obviously you have got some evaporation that’s going on here, so that is going to affect it a bit.”

John went on to talk about the history of Johnnie Walker Whiskey before getting to the valuation.

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“What’s interesting is the date of them,” John pointed out, adding: “You’ve got the red label there, I think this one would date from sort of the 1930s maybe 40s, but then the rarer white label is from around 1907 [or] 1908, that sort of period.

“10, 15 or 20 years ago, everyone was into wines and whiskey has got steadily more sought after.

“So you’re looking at around about £1,000 for this one,” he commented, pointing towards the red-labelled bottle.

However, he went on: “These two, the levels are low… the labelling is better on one than it is on the other, you can see there’s a bit of damage but they’ve got the nice white label.

“These ones would be about £7,000.”

The guest looked stunned as she gasped, but John wasn’t finished yet.

“Per bottle…” he added, shocking the crowd around them.

Laughing, the guest responded: “Wow! That’s unbelievable isn’t it? They’ve bene up in the loft in a box!”

Antiques Roadshow continues on Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.

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