Bachelorette fans slam Katie Thurston & newbie Blake Moynes' romance as they 'dread' a Clare Crawley & Dale Moss ending

BACHELORETTE fans slammed Katie Thurston’s relationship with newcomer Blake Moynes as they “dread” another Clare Crawley and Dale Moss-style ending. 

After arriving mid-season to shake things up in last week’s episode, Blake immediately got tonight’s first one-on-one date where his romance with the lead heated up fast. 

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The duo went on their first date together and got lost in the New Mexico wilderness on a pair of horses. 

As they arrived at a beautiful scenic picnic spot, they began to talk about an array of deep topics, including what they each want out of life. 

Gazing at her man giddy, Katie, 30, smiles and told Blake: “You kept saying things and I was like… check, check, check. 

"It’s so easy with you and that’s what I really want. Someone it can just be natural and fun.”

Blake – who appeared equally in love – flashed a huge smile and replied: “When you say all these things, you give me butterflies.

“And those feelings that I need to feel. Like this is what I came here for. It feels good but right.”

Before either could go on further, they leaned in for a long, passionate kiss – both pulling away with massive grins on their faces. 

“Wow, you’re a good kisser too, check,” Katie added after the smooch. 

Later in the evening, the couple dressed up for a lavish candlelit dinner and continued to open up about personal issues, including Katie telling Blake about her past sexual assault experience. 

Blake assured Katie that she would always be safe with him, and they once again shared an intimate kiss before walking into another room for a slow dance. 

As they swayed to American Idol winner Laine Hardy singing, their hands began to shake touching each other as they gazed into one another’s eyes. 

While many fans could not deny their chemistry, they dreaded where the season appeared to be headed… similar to last Bachelorette season with Clare and Dale. 

“I feel like i am re-watching Clare with how she treated Dale between Katie and Blake… I’m not happy,” one person tweeted. 

Another fired off: “Lol Katie is pulling a Clare I’m calling it now.”

While a third wrote: "I’m getting major Clare and Dale vibes from Katie and Blake and if past precedence means anything let’s just skip to Michelle’s season.”

“Katie stop being so naive! Blake ain’t the one,” one more exclaimed. 

As Bachelor Nation will remember, Clare, 40, quickly became infatuated with contestant Dale, 32, last season.

After just 12 days of filming, the ex Bachelorette LEFT the show mid-season to be with Dale – whom she was sure would be her husband.

However, weeks after their season ended, the duo split but have since gotten back together.

To conclude the season after Clare's disappointing turn on the show, Tayshia Adams was brought in and got engaged to Zac Clark.

As Blake was a contestant on last season, he dated, and claimed to have "strong feelings" for both Tayshia and Clare.

Last month, The Sun reported that Blake's family is “worried he’ll fall in love too fast” during his show return. 

A source close to the reality contestant exclusively told The Sun that while Blake has “genuine” intentions on the show, he “falls hard very fast.”

“He gets a case of puppy love when it comes to pretty girls and in the last year alone, he said he loved two different women [Clare and Tayshia] – and now potentially Katie. 

“His family and friends are worried about him going back on the show. 

“They’ve seen his heart shattered on this show on more than one occasion and still don't fully buy the process.” 

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