Big Brother spoilers: Who plays in final Whacktivity Competition to gain Panic Power?

Big Brother spoilers: Who plays in final Whacktivity Competition to gain Panic Power?

Big Brother spoilers about the third Whacktivity Competition and the Panic Power are going to be a hot topic this weekend. The good news is that some information has already been revealed.

Host Julie Chen ended Episode 8 on Thursday with a huge hint about the Panic Power. She stated that it is going to be a classic Big Brother power returning to the game.

It has social media buzzing with posts from fans trying to guess what that power will entail.

Who plays in third Whacktivity Competition?

Five houseguests signed up to play in the Panic Competition, knowing they would have to wait to potentially get a power later in the season.

The current roster competing for the Panic Power include Analyse Talavera, Nick Maccarone, Jessica Milagros, Christie Murphy, and Kemi Faknule.

It is assumed Kemi won’t get to play, as she was the houseguest just evicted from Big Brother. She joined Ovi Kabir and David Alexander in Camp Comeback.

As a reminder, Ovi won the Nightmare Power and then Jack Matthews won the Chaos Power. The Nightmare Power allowed its user to vacate the choices at a Nomination Ceremony.

With the Chaos Power, Jack can make the house re-draw after players have been selected to play in a Veto Competition.

What is the Panic Power?

There are a lot of online guesses about what the Panic Power is for the Big Brother 21 cast. Nothing has been confirmed by CBS, but some powers that have been given out in the past include taking over as a new HOH, changing the final nominees in a week, and even becoming safe from being nominated or evicted.

Fans won’t have to wait long for more Big Brother spoilers about the Panic Power and the latest Whacktivity Competition. It will be played on Friday and it is then possible that information gets revealed on the live feeds.

If it isn’t leaked, the Sunday night episode (July 14) will reveal everything to television viewers.

Big Brother 21 has CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.


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