Big Brothers Kerrys iconic Deal Or No Deal appearance revealed with big money win

Big Brothers Kerrys iconic Deal Or No Deal appearance revealed with big money win

If you feel like you recognise Big Brother newbie Kerry, you may just have seen her on another popular TV show.

The NHS manager, who entered the Big Brother house on Sunday 8 October, previously tried her luck on Channel 4's Deal Or No Deal in 2007.

Kerry, now 40, won a whopping £35,000 in the process, but that wasn't the only talking point of the episode. The studio was plunged into darkness during a power cut, with host Noel Edmonds saying, "Well, here's a first for us. We've obviously had a power problem here in the dream factory.

"Kerry, I'm so sorry. We have a procedure which we will now follow because we don't know how long this is going to be."

The famous Deal Or No Deal boxes were then locked away, in order to protect the integrity of the game. And when everything resumed after a short break, Noel could be seen unlocking a box as he quipped, "This is most unusual."

The power outage, which was apparently caused by someone cutting through a cable next door, failed to take the shine away from her day, though. Kerry, who has multiple sclerosis, braved the hot seat until the very end, heading home after accepting a sizeable offer of £35,000 from "the banker".

And that fighting spirit will be needed as she takes on her next challenge – Big Brother.

Explaining her reason for taking part in Big Brother, which has returned to our screens with hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best, prior to entering the house, she said, "I love the programme. It is, for me, the ultimate reality TV show ever.

"I've got multiple sclerosis and so the reason why I never applied before is because I always saw those whacking great big stairs to get into the house. It just felt a little bit unachievable because for the first three years of my illness I was in a wheelchair. When I saw it was coming back and searching for real people from all walks of life, I thought, this is my year."

She added, "I'm really looking forward to meeting new people. I’m quite plugged in and I've got quite a bit of emotional intelligence so I think I'll know if someone is having rubbish day and we'll have a chat. I'm quite inquisitive and nosy. I'm also really, really looking forward to the challenges and the tasks."

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