Bombshell streaming: Can you watch the full movie online? Is it legal?

Bombshell is the latest movie in the running for an Oscar to be released in the UK. The film stars Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie as three women battling against the Fox News forces in the real-life sex scandal which became top of the news agenda. Theron and Robbie have been nominated for their work, but can you watch the film online?

Can you watch Bombshell online and is it legal?

Bombshell has just been released in cinemas and is not being released simultaneously with streaming services.

As a result, it is not available to stream online.

Any other website claiming to have the film for streaming or download is illegal.

The Digital Economy Act 2017 means people could now face ten-year prison sentences for illegally streaming copyrighted content.

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To be sure you’re not watching copyrighted material, you should go direct to companies such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, according to FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft).

Adding further to these warnings CEO of FACT Kieron Sharp said: “There are now more ways than ever for consumers to watch movies and TV but not going to legitimate sources to watch new movies is not a grey area: it is against the law.

“As well as being illegal, evidence shows that streaming pirated content is incredibly risky and can expose users to malware and inappropriate content.

“Not only does that deny the best viewing experience, it’s just not worth taking the chance.”

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What is Bombshell about?

Lionsgate’s official synopsis of Bombshell reads: “Starring Academy Award winner Charlize Theron, Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman, Academy Award nominee John Lithgow and Academy Award nominee Margot Robbie, and based on the real scandal, Bombshell is a revealing look inside the most powerful and controversial media empire of all time, Fox News, and the explosive story of the women who brought down the infamous man who created it.

“The film is directed by Emmy Award winner Jay Roach and written by Academy Award winner Charles Randolph.”

Lithgow plays Roger Ailes, who was the head of Fox News when Gretchen Carlson, a former Fox News anchorwoman, files a sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

Carlson alleged she had been sacked from her job due to her rebuffing his advances.

Three days later, Ailes’ biographer Gabriel Sherman claimed six women had alleged they had been sexually harassed by Ailes.

In 2016, Fox News anchorwoman Megyn Kelly detailed further allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against Ailes in her book.

Carlson is portrayed by Kidman in the movie, while Kelly is played by Charlize Theron with some incredibly accurate prosthetics, while Robbie plays Kayla Pospisil, a fictional woman who also claimed to have suffered sexual harassment from Ailes.

Bombshell is in cinemas now

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