Buffy: How old was Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn in Buffy?

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a popular teen drama which first aired back in 1997. The series starred Sarah Michelle Gellar as the title character and she has since gone on to become a mother and entrepreneur. She had an on-screen sister called Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) and fans are wondering how old actress Michelle Trachtenberg was when she played the role.

How old was Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn in Buffy?

Dawn Summers was the younger sister of Buffy and she was introduced in season five, starring in the final three seasons.

The creator of the series Joss Whedon was keen for Buffy to have an emotional relationship with a character without any romance involved.

When Dawn was introduced, Buffy and the rest of her friends acted as if she had always been around.

In fact, Dawn was never really Buffy’s sister and she was instead created as a mystical key to unlock different dimensions.

She eventually came to terms with her past, having let it strain her relationship with Buffy.

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Actress Trachtenberg was cast to play the 14-year-old character back in 2000 and she starred in a total of 66 episodes.

The star is now 35 years old and she was born in October 1985 – this means she would have been about 15 when she played Dawn.

Her character was portrayed as much younger than her actual age, as she was seen as immature and clumsy.

Buffy was known to have treated her like a child and would often moan when it came to babysitting her.

However, their relationship changed when Buffy discovered Dawn’s real identity and she was determined to protect her sister.

When she was cast in the role she spoke to the BBC about the fact she did not know much about the character.

She said: “I was introduced to the show like, ‘Boom, here I am!’ Take it or leave it, and I hope you take it.'”

The star said a big part of playing the character was not thinking ahead as to what would happen to Dawn.

She admitted her character was something of a mystery, saying: “My meeting with Joss at the beginning of the season was kind of like, ‘Alright, welcome to the cast, you’re a teenager, you’re a Key, have fun.’

“So I had to take from areas that really weren’t giving much to come up with a character.”

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The young star said she had always been a big fan of the show and she thankfully had some idea as to how it would play out.

One of her favourite things about playing Dawn was witnessing all the hardships she went through as a regular teenage girl with a unique past.

In one emotional scene, Buffy sacrificed her own life in order to end the impending apocalypse and save Dawn.

The rest of the gang then brought Buffy back from the dead against her will, and it impacted her relationship with Dawn.

Dawn was due to appear in an episode of the spin-off series Angel but Trachtenberg was not available to film at the time.

Instead, the creators brought back Andrew Wells (Tom Lenk), who had been responsible for killing Tara (Amber Benson) in the original series.

Back in 2020, actress Gellar shared a photo of Buffy and Dawn on her Instagram account, wishing Trachtenberg a happy birthday.

She said: “To me, you will always be my little sister. (Even if you’ve been taller than me since you were 15) Happy Birthday @michelletrachtenberg.”

In January 2021 Trachtenberg shared a photo of herself with Gellar on what would have been Buffy’s 40th birthday.

She said: “Happy 40th birthday Buffy, you slay me.” Gellar replied: “Love you sis.”

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