Cancer-stricken Tom Parker says he's 'so sad' about Ashley Cain's daughter Azaylia as The Wanted star battles tumour

THE Wanted singer Tom Parker told how he was "so sad" to learn of Ashley Cain's daughter's tragic death at the age of eight months in the midst of his own brain tumour battle.

The Glad You Came vocalist took to his Instagram Stories to confess he was struggling emotionally to go on social media amid the swathe of sympathy poured out for tot Azaylia, who passed after a battle with leukaemia.

Her doting dad Ashley, 30, told fans the heartbreaking news on Instagram, writing: "Rest in paradise princess. I will always hold you in my heart until I can hold you again in heaven."

After learning of the tragedy, which came when doctors found more tumours and ran out of options to save the baby girl, Tom was clearly emotional.

The 32-year-old star was diagnosed with "inoperable" glioblastoma last year and has since undergone "brutal" treatment which has resulted in memory loss.

Wearing a blue jumper and headphones, he sat on his sofa as he confessed to fans: "I can't even go on Instagram today I'm so sad.

"I thought little Azaylia was going to f**king do it, I thought she was going to pull through.

"Shouldn't happen to kids, shouldn't happen to anyone."

As both a dad of two and a sufferer of cancer, Tom could feel the emotion from both sides.

Tom, who shot to fame in boy band The Wanted, bravely opened up about his cancer diagnosis last year, with his wife Kelsey later admitting that she has asked doctors not to tell them how long he has to live.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, she said: "We didn’t ask for one. I said that for Tom’s state of mind, and who he is as a person, that would not be good for him.

"He would literally sit here and count down the days and not live his life."

The pair have decided to take the devastating news one step at a time and try to keep themselves in a positive mind set for what the future holds.

This month, we reported how doctors are "shocked" how well the Bolton-born star is responding to treatment, in comments made by his bandmate Max George.

His body's positive reaction to chemo and radio therapy has given fresh hope.

Speaking on Dangerous Dinners, singer-turned-actor Max, 32, explained: "Tom's got something called glioblastoma, which is quite an aggressive form of brain tumour, but he's had his first bout of chemo and radio therapy, which he has responded to unbelievably.

"Doctors were actually shocked by how well he's responded – all of his tumours have been surpressed, so he's in the best hands.

"In himself, Tom… Nothing puts Tom down, nothing. When you talk to him it's like everything's normal, and he just wants that – he wants normality."

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